2004 – Current Pest Report – Apple Blotch leafminer

(set up traps at silver tip)

Tree stage for McIntosh (Greenville area)
4/5/04 – Silver tip
4/13/04 – Green tip
4/18/04 – Half inch green
4/26/04 – Tight cluster
5/1/04 – Pink
5/2/04 – King bloom
5/5/04 – Full bloom
5/12/04 – Petal fall

5/12/04 – Saw many leafminers on leaves, laying eggs. Even in blocks with relatively low levels of leafminer adults could face more leafminers than anticipated. There has been PLENTY of good weather for egg laying. I expect to see many mines!
Saw eggs hatched as well.

Apple blotch leafminer trap captures

The average number of adult leafminers caught per trap in each monitored block. The averages are cummulative.
Threshold = 8/trap by tight cluster or 21/trap by pink 


orchard 4/19/04 4/27/04 5/3/04 5/10/04
East Farm 9/trap* 100/trap* 140/trap* 200/trap*
Phantom 1/trap 9/trap 17/trap 17?trap
Steere 2/trap 2/trap
Jaswell 0/trap 2/trap
G. Smith 50/trap* 51/trap*
D. Smith 0/trap 0/trap
Hill 250/trap*


* Above threshold

Leafminer eggs. Saw first eggs 4/27, but I know there were some before then. Expect eggs to begin hatching soon!