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2008 – Pest Reports

Recorded Pest Message – May 6, 2008

Today I am just going to report on apple scab protection and the results from the scab fungicide sensitivity testing from 2007. Bloom is the most important time to protect your trees from scab. We have been experiencing intense apple scab infection periods and there is the threat of another one Thursday into Friday. The(…)

Recorded Pest Message – August 1, 2008

Hi Fruit Growers,Sorry to be late on this message, but I’m having trouble getting my work accomplished. I’m not going to be in orchards much over the next month, so you guys are on your own! You can always call me with any problems at 874-2967. Please let me know if you want to participate(…)

Recorded Pest Message – July 16, 2008

Unfortunately, I have not set up any apple maggot traps this year. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, one of your fellow apple growers set up 5 traps. I checked these traps today and did not find any apple maggot flies. Kathleen Leahy, a fruit consultant in Massachusetts, reported she has not caught(…)

Recorded Pest Message – July 8, 2008

Another quiet week in the orchards. The humid weather makes summer diseases more of a challenge. If your fruit is unprotected with a fungicide, Topsin M or a strobilurin fungicide like Sovran or Flint, will kickback up to 50 hours of leaf wetness. You can use Orchard Radar on the RI Apple IPM website to(…)

Recorded Pest Message – July 2, 2008

Summer meeting July 17 at Belchertown! http://www.massfruitgrowers.org/2008/summermeeting.html There is not too much to report this week. Pests to watch out for include mites, leafhoppers and aphids. European red mites and two spotted mites are building. The threshold for July is 5 mites per leaf. Miticide choices include Nexter, Acramite, Kanemite and Zeal. Leafhoppers found in orchards(…)


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