Recorded Pest Message – August 1, 2008

Hi Fruit Growers,
Sorry to be late on this message, but I’m having trouble getting my work accomplished. I’m not going to be in orchards much over the next month, so you guys are on your own! You can always call me with any problems at 874-2967.

Please let me know if you want to participate in the Fruit Growers ad in the Providence Journal on September 10. The cost to participate is $80. And this is the last call for leaf tissue analysis samples. I intend to finish taking samples next week, so call me if you want a sample taken. Also, please look at the Fruit Growers Website and let me know if I need to change any of your information like hours of operation.

I am assuming that the rain last week helped apple maggot flies emerge. It also washed off pesticides. The quantity of rain ranged from 2.5 – 7 inches over the 5 day period from July 23-27. All that wet weather was perfect for flyspeck and sooty mold to grow. It takes about 5 weeks for these summer diseases to show up on fruit once an infection occurs. Topsin M, Sovran, Flint, and Pristine will give you kick back protection, but it depends on the weather how far back the protection reaches. These fungicides will kick back for 50 hours of leaf wetness – not 50 hours of continuous time. Look at the Flyspeck section on Orchard Radar at

White apple leafhopper second generation nymphs should begin hatching now. In about one week, check the undersides of leaves for the small, white nymphs, especially in blocks where you had them earlier in the season. White apple leafhopper can be controlled with Sevin, Provado or Thionex. Be sure to mind the days to harvest!

European red mites and some two spotted spider mites have been a problem in many orchards. The threshold for August is 7.5 mites per leaf. Miticide choices include Nexter, Zeal, Acramite, and Kanemite.

Thanks for calling – I don’t intend to have another message this summer, but I may send an email if something comes up.