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2010 – Pest Reports

Recorded Apple Pest Message – August 13,2010

Hello Apple Growers, 8/13/10 We are so close to the end – though it’s really the beginning! Everyone should be putting on their final sprays of Captan plus Topsin M or a strobilurin fungicide such as Flint (14 day preharvest interval) or Pristine (0 day preharvest interval ). You can apply a total of 4(…)

Recorded Apple Pest Message – August 6,2010

Hello Apple Growers, I did visit a few apple orchards this week. As we enter the end of the season, think about applying your final apple maggot fly spray sometime in mid-August. Even if you apply a fungicide later, an insecticide against apple maggot is not needed in late August or September. I did see(…)

Recorded Apple Pest Message – July 29,2010

July 29, 2010 Hi Fruit Growers, I did make it to a few orchards today. I found some apples with sooty blotch and fly speck where not much fungicide has been applied this year. Continue with your fungicide applications as late as you can. Any fruit that is harvested more than 30 days after the(…)

Recorded Apple Pest Message – July 17,2010

Hi Apple Growers, July 17 This week was cooler than last week and most orchards received some badly needed rain. I didn’t check any apple maggot fly traps this week, but looking at data from New York, they have reached the spray threshold for apple maggot flies in 4 out of 16 orchards and they(…)

Recorded Apple Pest Message – July 9,2010

July 9, I hope many of you will go to Belchertown on Thursday, July 15th for the Massachusetts fruit growers summer meeting. They need to have your lunch reservation by Monday (July 12). There will be 3 pesticide re-certification credits and the cost is $40 per person. You can register and pay online at http://www.massfruitgrowers.org/2010/summermeeting.html.(…)


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