Apple IPM update 4/19/16

Wet conditions this morning did not last long enough to cause an apple scab infection period. According to the forecast the next possible infection period is Friday, April 22. You can follow scab prediction models for Greenville and Newport County on Orchard Radar at URI Apple IPM.

Check apple and blueberry buds for winter moth caterpillars. Pry flower buds apart and look for frass and caterpillars. Insecticide applied this week while buds are still at tight cluster should help control winter moths. If you are not sure what you are seeing, bring several of your buds to the twilight meeting at The Big Apple on Wednesday and I will check buds for winter moths.

It has been reported that applying foliar nutrients prebloom to weakened apple buds can help strengthen the buds. This may be very important this spring where many apple buds could have been weakened by cold weather. Attached is a chart from Mary Conklin at UConn summarizing foliar nutrient applications.

See you tomorrow night at 5:30 at the Big Apple.