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Alex Magidow

  • Assistant Professor of Arabic
  • Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Phone: 401.874.2583
  • Email: amagidow@mail.uri.edu
  • Mailing Address: Swan Hall, Room 112


Professor Magidow researches the history of the Arabic language, with a particular interest in reconstructing what the language was like before the Islamic expansions in the seventh century. He also researches how the Arabic language was changed as it came into contact with other languages around the Mediterranean, including Tamazight (Berber, in North Africa), Coptic (in Egypt), Aramaic (in what is now Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan), Romance (in Spain), and even Greek (in Cyprus).

His work seeks to develop models for integrating the history of languages with the history of peoples and social groupings, and so he also researches the history and archaeology of the Mediterranean and the Middle East in late antiquity and the early Islamic era.

See Dr. Magidow’s profile page on the Languages website

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