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Student Technology Assistant Program (STA)

Student Technology Assistant (STA)

The Student Technology Assistant (STA) Program provides student help to faculty who are endeavoring to enhance or increase the use of multi-media technology in their curriculum and/or classroom. Student Technology Assistants provide support for the creation of digital materials to be used within the curriculum.


About the

Student Technology Assistants Program

Student Technology Assistants provide student help to faculty for the creation of multimedia-related learning materials.


Our goal is to successfully foster faculty projects that integrate technology into the curriculum and classroom in meaningful ways. By the time each project is completed, faculty members will learn to successfully use the technology, and the Student Technology Assistants will gain an appreciation of the subject matter of each curriculum project. This program emphasizes the following core values:

To enhance the current curriculum/classroom environment with increased use of technology.

Student Development
To improve student development by broadening knowledge of technical, organizational, and managerial skills while learning about different subjects across the curriculum. We will also strive to increase the skill level of each STA/SMA through project rotation and individual or group training.

Faculty Development
To improve the technical expertise of the faculty by increasing their experience with a broad range of technology.

Community Development
To improve the University community by fostering new types of faculty and student collaboration.

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