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Everyone with an email account also has a Google Drive Account.  Your Google Drive allows you to store, synchronize and share your files.  You can keep all your work in one place and it’s automatically backed up by Google.  By downloading Google Apps from your pertinent mobile device store (Apple App Store, Android App store, stc.), you can access, view and edit your documents from many mobile devices.

Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) documents can be uploaded to Google Drive to share with other people or they can be converted to Google format for editing or collaborating.

With Google Apps for Education, you are given an unlimited amount of storage.  However, while you can upload very large files, you cannot download any file over 2 GB.  Go figure!


Important Note: Also, Google does not empty the Drive trash by default.  So, if you move something to the Trash in your Drive, it’s going to stay there until you delete forever from inside the Trash.


Also, if anyone in your group/department/office is leaving URI, he/she should change the ownership of all shared documents to someone else in the office before he/she leaves.

That person can  change ownership of any/all documents to someone in your department by highlighting the document in the drive (or an entire folder) and going up to the sharing icon. When you single click on the icon, it opens the sharing window.  Here, the document ownership can be changed to anyone within the domain.