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Student: Turning Point 8

  • Students may purchase a TurningTechnologies QT ResponseCard (a.k.a. clicker device) at the URI Bookstore or in your Turning Account Profile where it says Purchase Clicker.

    The URI standard device is the QT model. If you already own an older model, check each course syllabus or ask your professor if the type of questions they will ask will require the QT model which has a keypad for short answer questions.

    • University of Rhode Island Bookstore – Kingston (Choose Course Materials > Online Ordering) When you navigate to the course(s) you are taking, if faculty have notified the Bookstore they will use Turning Technologies, the options listed will be: QT Device & 4 Year subscription ($81.30), USED QT Device & 5 Year subscription ($57.10), NEW QT Device & 5 Year subscription ($83.95), QT Device ($53.35).
    • Turning Technologies Online Store  – The online Student Store reflects the QT clicker model currently used at URI, and subscription/license options of 1 Term ($17.99), 1 Year ($24.99) or 5 Years ($48.99). There is one bundle offered: QT device & 5 Year subscription ($73.98).
    • If you already have a clicker device, you will still need to purchase a subscription/license.
    1. Check each class Syllabus to determine whether you need a clicker device or if you can use the TurningPoint Mobile Application.
    2. Read the Buying Guide below. This includes important rebate info.
    3. Create your Turning Account. Be sure to use your URI eMail! If accessing account from Sakai  follow these steps.
    4. Purchase your QT Response device if you need one, AND a subscription/license in the Profile tab of your Turning Account, OR at the URI Bookstore. Look at both options and then pick the combination of purchases that will work best for you.
    5. Register your device and/or license in Sakai. Learn how by watching this short video or read the section below. NOTE: Where the video says to click on register, click on the TurningPoint tool in the left menu of your Sakai course.
    6. If you will use a mobile device, download the TurningPoint mobile app. NOTE: If you already have the older ResponseWare app, updating it will result in the new TurningPoint Mobile app being downloaded onto your device.
    7. Start using TurningPoint in the classroom!

    NOTE: Currently, only the 5-year bundle option has a rebate. 

    See an annotated sample Student Profile.

    1. Check the syllabus for your specific RF classroom frequency and set up clicker prior to class. (Clickers respond to assigned Radio Frequency (RF) Channels on the Kingston campus.  The room channels posted in each room next to the light switch at the main door.
    2. Remember to bring your clicker device to every class, and frequently check your clicker because the device can go into sleep mode often.  You may need to reset your clicker channel each time to make sure it is set the correct channel for each classroom. Find your clicker and check your specific guide for details.
    3. Need more support? Contact ITS Service Desk  864-HELP (or visit the Library Lower Level) or call TurningPoint Student Support directly 866.746.3015.
  • Turning Technologies offers the TurningPoint Mobile app, which allows you to answer polls with your iOS or Android device or a laptop. Check your class Syllabus to see if your Instructor allows the use of mobile devices in the classroom.

    1. Download the TurningPoint Mobile application to your iOS or Android device.
    2. If a license activation code came bundled with your clicker, you can redeem it in the Profile section of your Turning Account. You can purchase a license in the same area.
    3. Finally, make sure your mobile device shows up in the device list on your Turning Account.

    TurningPoint Mobile Guides

    • Here are your options if you need additional help:
    • Check TurningPoint Student  on the Turning Technologies website.
    • Call Turning Technologies Student Support line at 866-746-3015:

    Hours of operation: Monday through Friday (8 AM – 9 PM EST)

    Customer Service Email: support@turningtechnologies.com

    In Fall 2017, the TurningPoint intern Ben Anthony, is available for drop-in Office Hours* in Chafee 217 : TBD *Except for holidays.
  • 1. Is there a pdf with these directions?
    Yes, a pdf of the TurningPoint instructions for students can be downloaded or opened on the web.

    2. How do I change channels on a QT device?

    To find your current channel, look in the top left corner of the screen.

    To change channels:

    • Press the ‘CH’ button on your clicker.
    • Press the number of the channel so it shows in the box above ‘New Channel?’. (For channel 8, press 0, and then 8.)
    • Press ‘^’ under the OK in the bottom right screen corner.
    • The screen will read ‘Channel Changed.’

    Students may set the correct channel prior to entering class.

    3. How do I change answers?

    Press the number or letter answer of your choice. If you are answering a multiple choice question (e.g. A, B, C or D) use the black buttons over the keyboard across the top (e.g. 1/A, 2/B, 3/C, 4/D.

    You may answer multiple times during the open polling session. The session will only record your last clicker answer for each question. Once the session is closed by the instructor, votes will not be counted.

    4. How do I change the brightness and contrast?

    Use the ‘wrench’ settings to adjust the screen brightness and contrast. For more information about specific clicker models TurningPoint has a webpage.

    5. How do I use my iOS, Android device, or laptop to respond?

    Check your course syllabus to see if your instructor allows this option. Turning Technologies offers a TurningPoint Mobile application, which allows you to poll with your iPhone, iPodTouch, Smartphone or laptop.

    1. Download the TurningPoint Mobile application to your device.
    2. If a license activation code came bundled with your clicker, you can redeem it in the Profile section of your Turning Account. You can purchase a license in the same area.
    3. Finally, make sure your mobile device shows up in the device list on your Turning Account.

    6. Whom should I contact if I need help?

    Here are your options if you need help:

    Hours of operation: Monday through Friday (8 AM – 9 PM EST)

    Student Support Line: 1-866-746-3015

    Customer Service Email: support@turningtechnologies.com

    7. What are the Accessibility options?

    Turning Technologies maintains a webpage about accessibilty options in their products.

    8. Do I Really Need a Turning Account License?

    A Turning Account license is mandatory for each participant/student.

    If a participant/student does not purchase a Turning Account license, his or her score will show as an asterisk “*” in all TurningPoint participant reports.

    Furthermore, his or her score will export as “0” to an Excel workbook and will not be exported to Sakai.  In other words, students cannot receive grades until they purchase and activate a license.

    9. Do I Need More Than One Turning Account License If I Have More Than One Class Using Clickers?

    No, purchasing a Turning Account license for a year covers you for all classes you take at URI that use Turning Technologies clickers during that year.
    However, you will need to link your Turning Account to each additional Sakai course. To do this:

    • Log into Sakai
    • One at a time, select the course tab for each class that is using TurningPoint.
    • Click on the TurningPoint link in each course (in the left menu).
    • Click to relaunch the page in a new window as needed.
    • Sign into your Turning Account.
    • Log out.

    10. What If I Lost the License Code That Came With My QT Clicker?

    Contact Turning Technologies by email or phone for options.

    Hours of operation: Monday through Friday (7 AM – 9 PM ET)

    Customer Service Line: 1-866-746-3015

    Customer Service Email: support@turningtechnologies.com

    Turning Technologies will send a new License Code in order to activate your Turning Account, but you will need to show proof of purchase.