Information Technology Services

Visit Us at Carothers Library Lower Level or call/email us at - 401-874-HELP (4357)

Media and Technology Services (MTS) Staff

David S. Porter, Director 874-2370 217 Chafee
Ryan Conley, Network Tech. IV 874-9511 210 Flagg Rd.
Mark Fester, Manager, Network 874-7560 210 Flagg Rd.
Tanya Roberts, Senior Technical Programmer 874-7762 210 Flagg Rd.
Robert Viens, Manager, Telecommunications 874-5199 210 Flagg Rd.
Curt D’Aguanno, Coordinator, Billing and Operational Systems 524-8139 210 Flagg Rd.
Paulette Greene, Lead Programmer Analyst  874-4265 210 Flagg Rd.
Tom Holland, Tech. Support Specialist II 874-5801 210 Flagg Rd.
John Iacobbo, Network Tech. III 874-4070 210 Flagg Rd.
Doug Johnson, Network Tech. III 874-9222 210 Flagg Rd.
Larry Menard, Network Tech. III 874-5402 210 Flagg Rd.
John Swanson, Network Tech. III 874-4900 210 Flagg Rd.
Tom Theisen, Network Tech. IV 874-7870 210 Flagg Rd.
Mary Fetherston, Assoc. Director, End User Services & Student Employee Development 874-7081 Library LL20
Katie Babula, Senior Information Technologist 874-2973 Library LL4
Nate Broomfield, Senior Information Technologist 874-4460 6 Woodward
Nick Coulombe, Senior Information Technologist 874-4719 302 Swan
Kathy DeBartolo, Information Technologist
Library LL19
Pat Egan, Lead Information Technologist
Chris Hinkson, Information Technologist
Library LL 19
Jeremy Jordan, Information Technologist
Library LL19
Bob MacDonald, Senior Information Technologist 874-5535 CPRC
Diane Martin, Senior Information Technologist 874-7081 Library LL17
Adelina Medeiros, Programmer Analyst 874-4262 Library LL19
Louise Richmond, Information Technologist 874-2502 210 Flagg Rd.
Peter Rose, Senior Programmer Consultant 874-4516 Library LL19
Mike Stewart, Senior Information Technologist 874-7538 Library LL4
Jane Suvajian, Lead Information Technologist 874-4783 Library LL16
Anibal Vega, Senior Information Technologist 874-2230 Library LL4
Janie Palm, Manager 874-4487 217 Chafee
Roy Bergstrom, Lead Information Technologist 874-4269 217 Chafee
Mel Felner, System Support Technician 874-4848 217 Chafee
Dana Neugent,
Media Supervisor 874-7291 217 Chafee
Dan Persaud, Senior Information Technologist 874-9854 217 Chafee
Brett Rutherford, Coordinator, Distance Education 277-5249
224 Shepard 217 Chafee
Tim Tierney, Assistant Director, A/V Production 874-4273 217 Chafee
Charlene Yang, Lead Information Technologist 874-4484 217 Chafee
ITS/Providence – FAX: 874-4395
Mark Oliver, Manager 277-5258 Shepard/Prov.
Maria Budgell, Information Technologist 277-5034 Shepard/Prov.
Victor Gonzalez, AV and Media Technician 277-5459 Shepard/Prov.
Allan Lewis, Information Technologist 277-5198 Shepard/Prov.
Amanda Paquin Zelazo, Information Technologist 277-5209 Shepard/Prov.
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