CloudLock Protects Google Apps for Education

newsletter cloudlock iconITS has implemented CloudLock for Google Apps for Education. This software monitors URI’s Google Drive to find and protect sensitive data, such as FERPA, health records, and credit card along with social security numbers in Google Drive without negatively impacting faculty and staff productivity or limiting anyone’s ability to fully use Google Apps for Education.


The software also comes with selective encryption that can be embedded in Google Drive for faculty and staff who need to store confidential and sensitive documents there in a private and password-protected environment. Only someone who has the password can open a protected document. If the document passwords are kept safe, the information is secure. Most content stored in Google Drive (images, documents, pdf etc.) and all native Google Documents can be encrypted.

Some files, such as Link Files, cannot be encrypted. For example, some applications use Google Drive to store a link to their content. The content is actually not stored in Google Drive. Since the link files have no content, they cannot be encrypted. In addition, Google Forms cannot currently be encrypted along with certain non-native file types, such as videos, and disk images.

Please see Getting Started with CloudLock Selective Encryption on how to use selective encryption.