URI Enterprise File Server Storage Guidelines

University Computing Systems will be implementing file server quotas on all home directory and departmental shares. This measure is necessary to ensure system stability and prevent extended backup times from impacting server resources.  By assigning quotas, no single user can consume enough space to cause an outage to the system or impact other users.

Once you reach your quota, you will be unable to write any more data or files to your home directory. To avoid this, please review your directories on a periodic basis and delete duplicate files and files that have not been used in the past two years.

Please note:
Each request for a quota increase is determined on a case-by-case basis to assure balancing the needs of the entire department as well as the storage needs of individual users.

  • Users that are presently assigned a home directory (I:\username) will have a 2GB hard quota applied to their folder.
  • Departments currently using shared folders will have a 4GB hard quota applied to their respective shares.

Requests to increase your quota should be sent to twild@uri.edu.

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