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Server Backup Services for Departments, No.16, 5/13

ITS provides backup services for departmental mission-critical servers via IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). The backups are automated and run nightly. Backup services are unavailable in the mornings while the data is migrated to tape and a second copy made for error recovery. One copy is stored in the Tyler data center tape library; a second copy is located in a different secure location on campus.

The first backup is a full backup; subsequent backups are incremental (only changed files). Unchanged files are retained indefinitely as long as a node remains active. The old version of a changed file is retained for 30 days. A deleted file is retained for 60 days.

ITS provides:

  • Links to IBM’s Tivoli site client download
  • Registration of customers’ node name and password
  • Configuring options
  • Links to instructions for configuring clients
  • Access to system for restoration of files
  • Communication of upgrades through listserv mailing list

Customer responsibilities:

  • Installation and configuration of Tivoli client software
  • Monitoring backup to be sure it is working correctly
  • Restoration of changed or deleted files

For information on Tivoli version 5.5, visit:
Tivoli Storage Manager ver 5.5

For information on Tivoli 5.5 clients, visit:
Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Client 5.5.3 Downloads and READMEs
Scroll down to see the client list.

For information on Tivoli 6.2, visit:
Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Client 6.2.0 Download
Client versions for 6.2 will work with server version 5.5.

To submit a request for backup services, go to:
Server Backup Request for Departments


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