Installed Media Locations

Classroom Media Assistance
URI Library, LL4, Kingston, RI 02881
Telephone: 401-874-4278

Buildings and room numbers where classroom media equipment is installed are listed below. The following conditions apply:

  • General-assignment classrooms are scheduled by the Office of Enrollment Services, 874-2817.
  • Non general-assignment rooms are scheduled by individual departments.
  • Departments must provide scheduling information to the Facilities Services Access Control Office, 874-4577, to inform them who is authorized to use the rooms. This should be done as early as possible, but at least 2 business days before access is needed.
  • Remember: When you are scheduled into a room with installed media equipment, you are responsible for unlocking and relocking the room.

All rooms are locked; since access requirements vary, a code (in red) precedes the location listing, indicating what kind of authorization is needed:

E is a URI ID card for Electronic Access Classrooms
K is a Room Key (not URI ID card) for Key Access Rooms
A is an Alarm code which some rooms also require
C is for Cipher Lock Access Rooms

Note: You must submit a reservation request via the Web (opens new window) to use these rooms so we can make sure you have everything you need to use the facility – instructions, media rack key, etc.

Coastal Institute Building
Fine Arts
Multicultural Center

General-Assignment Classrooms:
Scheduled by the Office of Enrollment Services
Non General-Assignment Rooms:
Scheduled by Departments
Ballentine Hall
E 101, 102, 105, 111, 112, 113
E 114, 115
* CBA TEK access supported *
E 104 CBA Trading Room
240 ITS Computer Lab
242 CBA Seminar Room
347 CBA Board Room
363 CBA Conference Room
* CBA TEK access supported *
Chafee Social Science Center
E 235
Auditoriums: 271, 273, 275, 277
E, A 244
K 101 ITS Videoconferencing
204 ITS TV Studio
801 Economics Classroom
E, A 239 JOR Computer Lab
241 JOR Computer Lab
Coastal Institute Building
K Weaver Auditorium
East Hall
E 122 Auditorium
Edwards Hall
E 110 Auditorium
E 110 Auditorium
Fine Arts
E, A 102F IITS Computer Lab
Fogarty Hall
E 028
E, A 120 Computer Lab
E 214
Kelley Hall
E 102
Kirk Building
E 101 Cherry Auditorium
E, A 142 Library Classroom
K Galanti Main Lounge
Galanti Side Room
Multicultural Center
K, E, A 005 UMCC Computer Lab
Pastore Chemical Laboratory
E 124 Auditorium

Swan Hall
E 100A Auditorium
201-207, 209, 211, 213, 215, 309, 311, 313
C,A 304 Screening Room
E, A
305, 306

Quinn Hall
E 122 Auditorium
E, A 215/217 ITS Computer Lab
Ranger Hall
E 103 Auditorium
Rodman Hall
E 001
Washburn Hall
K 208
White Hall
E 113 Auditorium
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