IT Organizational Review and Strategic Plan

amrc-reportAs part of the Administrative Management Review Committee (AMRC) recommendations, the Provost and Vice President for Administration and Finance formed the IT Review Steering Committee a year ago. This committee began work on the Governance project (see article “IT Governance – Update”) while issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) with the State of Rhode Island to conduct an Organizational Review and Strategic Plan. The goals of the Organizational Review project are to conduct an independent assessment of the University’s Information Technology investments and services across all departments, including both central and de-centralized (distributed) technology services. This includes recommendations for improving IT services at the University and suggested plans or guidelines for implementation of those recommendations. A second phase of the project is to develop a University-wide Information Technology Strategic Plan.

This project is intended to improve the delivery and scope of information technology services across URI, while building an IT structure reflecting a collegial culture delivering teaching, learning, research and administrative services collaboratively within the University. The University also seeks to configure the most appropriate balance of centralized and decentralized information technology services through building an IT organization best suited to meet the demands of a 21st century global, digital, research university. The outcome of recommendations are focused to meet these goals as well as make IT a more effective, efficient, resource for URI while providing a collaborative, strategic contribution to the success of the University.

The IT Review Steering Committee selected a company over the summer and is currently awaiting final documentation from the State of Rhode Island Division of Purchasing to begin the project.  The consulting engagement portion of the review will last approximately seven months, the end of which will provide a detailed report, recommendations and plans. Once the selection is approved and the project begins, the IT Review Steering Committee will provide campus-wide email announcements as well as updates posted on