IT Strategic Plan – Update

The IT Strategic Governance Committee (ITgov) is nearing the completion of the first University-wide five-year IT Strategic Plan. The strategic plan is the second phase of the IT Review, sponsored by Provost DeHayes and Vice President Valentino. Phase 1 was completed in February 2016 with the publication of the IT Assessment Report from BerryDunn ( You can access the report at:

Developing the IT Strategic Plan is a collaborative effort with dozens of volunteers of faculty, researchers, staff, administrators and students. Beginning in March 2016, ITgov conducted seven work sessions focused on seven different areas of focus for IT and provided a way for members of the University community to identify strategic needs of University IT services. The seven areas of focus identified in the Assessment Report are:

  • Technology for Teaching and Learning
  • Technology for Research and High Performance Computing
  • Infrastructure and Security
  • Process Improvement and Enterprise Systems
  • IT Service Delivery
  • IT Organization
  • IT Communications and Change Management

With the completion of the Work Sessions, the first draft of the Strategic Plan will be available for public review and comment by early July. The report will be posted to the ITgov website with comments entered through Google Forms. There will also be two in-person and WebEx open sessions for you to provide feedback. Additional forums will be conducted during the fall semester. Using feedback received during the open comment period, a final draft should be published in July.

ITgov wishes to thank the many participants across the University who have attended our Work Sessions and continue to work toward the goal of a collaboratively produced Strategic Plan. Annual reviews to both track progress and update the plan will be conducted each spring, with the goal that this plan continually represents realistic, measurable goals for IT across the University.

For more information, please visit the IT Strategic Governance website at