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UNIX Handbook: No. 03, February 2009

The purpose of this handbook is to coordinate and present in a concise form the features of the UNIX implementation at the University of Rhode Island. This section deals with the basics that a UNIX user may need to get started. Reference is made to detailed handouts supported on the Documentation link.

What is grinder?
grinder is the name of the IBM RISC/6000 that runs IBM’s AIX version of the UNIX operating system. The network address for grinder is: -or-

Obtaining a UNIX Account

You can apply for a UNIX account by filling out and submitting Handout #72, “UNIX (AIX): grinder Computer Account Application,” at the Help Desk in the URI Library, LL19.

The default disk space for faculty/staff accounts on grinder is 20,000K. The default size for student accounts is 10,000K. Temporary workspace is also available on grinder (see instructions in the System Utility Programs section). Exceptions to account limits may be requested by filling out Handout #49, “Exceptions to Account Limits Request.”

How to Connect to grinder
grinder is on the TCP/IP network. To connect, enter TELNET:// into the address bar in your Web browser.

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