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RamTV Setup

To set up your television to work with RamTV, follow the steps below.

Make sure your TV is Cable-ready:
If it is not cable-ready, buy a converter or a cable-ready VCR at any electronics store. You will get channels 10, 11, 12, and 13 on a non-cable-ready TV.

Get an RG6 Standard Cable TV Coaxial Cable:
This cable is needed to connect to the cable jack. Be sure the connectors are securely fitted on the ends of the cable. The cable must be snugly finger-tightened to the back of the TV and to the cable jack on the wall.

Select CATV Setting on your TV:
See the TV user manual; if you don’t have the manual, try the steps below or call the manufacturer. Call 1-800-555-1212 to get the telephone number.

  • Select CATV on your remote
  • Use “on-screen programming” and select CABLE-AIR
  • Open “panel” on front (or rear) of TV and select CATV
  • If you see a button marked STD/IRC/HRC, select STD

If you are using a VCR:
Be sure you are connecting the cables correctly. See your manual! Cable from “jack” to VCR “input” and from VCR “output” to the TV “input”.

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