Sakai Outsourced to Longsight

Sakai, the University’s Learning Management System (LMS), has been outsourced to an external vendor named Longsight ( The decision to outsource was made by the Office for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning more than a year ago. After a lengthy Request for Proposal and purchasing process, the contract was finally completed at the end of 2015.

ITS was then given the task of planning, coordinating, and implementing the cutover before the start of spring 2016 classes. This task was completed the weekend before classes began. It was important to complete the cutover before the spring semester because the Office for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning is planning major upgrades to Sakai for the summer of 2016 that would have been extremely difficult if URI were also in the process of outsourcing the system. Over 81,000 sites were moved including the “My Workspace” sites for over 64,000 current and past Sakai users. ITS staff also transferred nearly three Terabytes (three trillion characters) of file system data including files, videos, quizzes, exams, and syllabi.

Authentication to Sakai by students, faculty, and staff is still being done at URI. That process required an upgrade to the URI LDAP authentication server. In addition, the PeopleSoft team rewrote PeopleSoft feeds to provide the outsourced Sakai with updated student and course information four times daily.

The conversion appears to be successful but there will likely be anomalies to the new environment that we discover during the semester. ITS staff should be recognized for the success of this highly complex effort on very short notice.

Please email with any questions or problems or call the Help Desk at 874-HELP (4-4357).