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Scheduling Large/Small Conference Rooms & 202 Lab in Surge

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The conference rooms are resources in Zimbra and are scheduled when you create a meeting. Scheduling is client-dependent; see client instructions below.

The conference room names are SurgeSmallConferenceRoom and SurgeLargeConferenceRoom.
The Lab: Surge202Lab

You will receive an email to let you know whether or not the room is scheduled. The email will come from one of the email addresses below, depending on which room you scheduled:

On the Zimbra web client:

  • Create a calendar appointment
  • Invite attendees
  • Under Location enter the room you wish to use. In Scheduler click Show to view if the room is available.
    • NOTE!!! If the room is busy, DO NOT CHOOSE THAT TIME! If you do, the invites will go out and the room will decline. Your attendees will still be invited and there will be conflict when attendees of 2 meetings show up to use the room.
  • Once all necessary info is entered for the meeting choose send
  • The conference room will accept if free or decline if busy
In Thunderbird Must have Lightening addon installed:

  • Create a calendar appointment
  • Type in location
  • Choose date/time
  • Click on Invite attendees
  • Add conference room as attendee – free/busy time will show See NOTE above.
  • Add attendees
  • Once all info is entered Click OK on attendee window
  • Once all info is entered on appointment window Click Save and Close.
  • The conference room will accept if free or decline if busy
In Outlook Must have Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) installed:

  • NOTE: The resource email addresses must be in the Contacts of your account in order to show free/busy times.
  • Create a calendar appointment, enter subject
  • Click on Scheduling, click on Invite attendees, then addressbook
  • Enter conference room in Resources->
  • Enter attendees
  • Free/busy time will show See NOTEĀ  above.
  • Once all info is entered, Click Send
  • The conference room will accept if free or decline if busy
In Mac native calendar:
It is NOT recommended to schedule in the Mac native calendar (iCal), the web client works best.
To delete an appointment: Cancel appointment on your calendar and it will delete appointment from the room.
Do not have access to calendar?

Surge facility reservations are restricted. If you wish to schedule a facility and do not have access, please call UCS at 874-2611

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