System Related FAQs

Some common questions relating to the UNIX environment as implemented at URI are presented in this section. Specifically, this section presents answers to common questions on disk space, printing, and backups.

How Much Disk Space Do I Have?

To check the disk-space on your account use the quota command. That is, type quota at the Korn shell prompt. You will be presented with the following:

Disk quotas for user abc1111u (uid 455):

Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files quota limit grace
/home2 4796 20000 40000 87 0 0

In this case, /home2 is the filesystem under which the home directory for user abc1111u exists.

The blocks on this system are 1K (1024) bytes. Therefore, the current space utilization by user abc1111u is 4796K bytes.

The column labeled quota (column 3) is the working limit. It is referred to as quota in the UNIX/AIX Account Limit Exception Request. Please pay special attention to this quota.

The column labeled limit is referred to as temporary limit in UNIX/AIX Account Limit Exception Request. This limit shows how much space the account can hold temporarily. You will be given warnings to remove files so that total usage on your account will not exceed the allocated quota. There is a seven day grace period after which the warnings stop. If you have not removed the files that have put you over the quota, your account will be shutdown.

The files column tells you the total number of files there are under your account, including directories.

The last three columns, quota, limit, and grace can be ignored for now.

How Much Temporary Disk Space Is Available?

Two temporary filesystems are available. /wsh is cleaned (purged) at the top of each hour. /wsd is cleaned (purged) once a day at 3:00 am.

Use the following command to check on the temporary workspace currently available for general use. The output will show the names of the filesystems that are available for allocation of temporary workspace. For each filesystem some additional information with regard to total disk space, free disk space, and the daily time(s) when this space is cleared is also provided.

To check on temporary workspace type:


To obtain additional help on the temporary workspace command type:

checkws -h

How Do I Print on Grinder?

Direct printing is not available on grinder. You must download the file(s) you wish to print to a PC or a Mac using an FTP program. See FTP instructions in the section on Software Applications.

How Do I Generate Color Plots?

Users with accounts on Grinder (UNIX) can plot graphics files from remote locations to an HP LaserJet 755CM color plotter in Tyler Hall. For detailed instructions see Color Plotting Instructions.

Is There Any Tape Processing Available?

As a general rule we do not encourage tape processing under the grinder environment. In fact the tape drives are not directly linked to grinder. The user must make special arrangements with the operations staff to use the 4mm tapes.

How Do I Backup?

All files on grinder are backed up regularly. Users who wish to perform additional backups can FTP their files from grinder to a PC, Mac, or other remote sites. Tape backup is available by making special arrangements with the operations staff.

Is Batch Processing Available?

Most applications allow for background (batch) processing by allowing the user to specify an ampersand (&) at the end of the command. For specifics see the Software Applications section.