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Classroom Equipment Reservation

Classroom Media Assistance
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If you are not familiar with the requirements and conditions of reserving rooms and equipment, please read the information below. It will make the steps to a successful classroom presentation smoother and faster for you and help us provide you with everything you need.

Besides the equipment permanently installed in classrooms and labs, we offer an additional assortment of equipment and accessories on a same-day loan basis to assist in on-campus classroom instruction. The following conditions apply:

  • Allow at least two business days to process your request.
  • You must pick up reserved equipment within 30 minutes of the scheduled time.
  • You must return equipment as arranged. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of your privilege to reserve equipment for the remainder of the semester.
  • All requests are subject to equipment availability.
  • You will be notified via e-mail when your equipment has been successfully scheduled or if we are unable to fill your request.

The following are alternatives for getting the equipment you need into your classroom:

  • Schedule your classes in one of the many media-installed, general-assignment classrooms. For equipment description and photos of each room, click here.
  • Bring your college, school, or departmental classroom media equipment to the classroom.
  • If you are interested in incorporating technology into your classroom but don’t know how to implement and present it, apply for a Student Media Assistant.

All 109 general-assignment classrooms now have installed media equipment and all have transparency projectors and ceiling mounted or rear-projection projectors to display either computer or video sources. About half of the rooms have installed Digital Media (DM) equipment that includes HDMI ports for laptops and Blu-ray players. To determine what equipment is in a classroom, check the URI Tech wiki at Classrooms. To see what equipment is already installed in the room you wish to reserve, go to Enrollment Services Classroom Directory.

You do not need to reserve equipment if it is installed in the classroom UNLESS you need something that is not installed. To get additional equipment, call or email Classroom Media Assistance Kingston Campus at 874-4273 or

To get a key to the media rack and/or schedule an equipment orientation, call or email Classroom Media Assistance Kingston Campus at 874-4278 or

All general-assignment classrooms have electronic access. If you are assigned to one of these classrooms by Enrollment Services, your URI ID card will be activated automatically for access to the electronic lock on the room. Please test your card at least one business day before you need access to the room. If it does not unlock and re-lock the room, contact the Facilities Services Access Control Office at 874-4577.

Please remember, you are responsible for the security of the room and the equipment! Lock the room when you leave so that the equipment will be there for the next class.

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