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Electronic Access Classrooms and Computer Labs

Classroom Media Assistance
URI Library, LL4, Kingston, RI 02881
Telephone: 401-874-4278

Buildings and room numbers of electronic access classrooms and computer labs are listed below.
The following conditions apply:

You must submit an equipment reservation request via the Web to use these rooms so we can ensure you have everything you need to use the facility – instructions, media rack key, etc.

General-Assignment Classrooms:
These rooms are scheduled by the Office of Enrollment Services, 874-2817.
Departments or individual faculty must contact Facilities Services to gain access to any rooms with electronic access.

Non General-Assignment Rooms:
These rooms are scheduled by individual departments.

Departments which control non general-assignment room scheduling must provide scheduling information to the Facilities Services Access Control Office, 874-4577, to inform them who is authorized to use the rooms. This should be done as early as possible, but at least 2 business days before access is needed.

Test-swipe your URI ID card to unlock and relock your assigned room at least 1 business day prior to your first class meeting. For electronic access operating instructions, see How to Use the Electronic Access System.

For more information on electronic access, see Electronic Access System Installation Project.

To resolve room access problems, contact: Facilities Services Access Control Office, 874-4577

When you are scheduled into an electronic access room, you are responsible for unlocking and relocking that room! All rooms are locked; since access requirements vary, a code (in red) precedes the location listing, indicating what kind of authorization is needed:

E is a URI ID card for Electronic Access Classrooms
K is a Room Key (not URI ID card) for Key Access Rooms
A is an Alarm code which some rooms also require
C is for Cipher Lock Access Rooms

Note: You must submit a reservation request via the Web (opens new window) to use these rooms so we can make sure you have everything you need to use the facility – instructions, media rack key, etc.

Biological Sciences
Coastal Institute Building
Fine Arts
210 Flagg Road
Multicultural Center
General-Assignment Classrooms:
Scheduled by the Office of Enrollment Services
Non General-Assignment Rooms:
Scheduled by Departments
Ballentine Hall
E 101, 102, 105, 111, 112, 113
E 114, 115
E 104 CBA Trading Room
240 ITS Computer Lab
242 CBA Seminar Room
347 CBA Board Room
363 CBA Conference Room
Biological Sciences
E 143C Auditorium
Chafee Social Science Center
E 235
Auditoriums: 271, 273, 275, 277
E, A 244
K 101 ITS Videoconferencing
204 ITS TV Studio
801 Economics Classroom
E, A 239 JOR Computer Lab
241 JOR Computer Lab
Coastal Institute Building
K Weaver Auditorium
East Hall
E 122 Auditorium
Edwards Hall
E 110 Auditorium
E 110 Auditorium
Fine Arts
E, A 102F IITS Computer Lab
210 Flagg Road
E 209 210
Fogarty Hall
E 028
E, A 120 Computer Lab
K, A 214
Kelley Hall
E 102
Kirk Building
E 101 Cherry Auditorium
E, A 104
E, A 104 – Shared room use with ES
142 Library Classroom
K Galanti Main Lounge
Galanti Side Room
Multicultural Center
K, E, A 005 UMCC Computer Lab
Pastore Chemical Laboratory
E 124 Auditorium
Quinn Hall
E 122 Auditorium
E, A 215/217 ITS Computer Lab
Ranger Hall
E 103 Auditorium
Rodman Hall
K 001

Swan Hall
E 100A Auditorium
201-207, 209, 211, 213, 215, 309, 311, 313
C, A 304 Screening Room
E, A 305

Washburn Hall
K 208
White Hall
E 113 Auditorium
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