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VoIP (Voice over IP) Telephone System

The following links offer information on VoIP phones:

Please Note:

If you wish to upgrade to a higher-end phone, click on the Upgrade Option link listed with your model to see your options and the associated cost.

The Phones…


The 7911 has full caller ID ability and a speaker for monitor purposes. It is not a speaker phone; it has no microphone.

Online Tutorial    User Guide     Upgrade Options


Cisco 7940

The 7940 series phone is a full speaker phone with up to two lines and caller ID.

Online Tutorial    User Guide   Upgrade Options


Cisco 7962

The 7962 is a full speaker phone with two to six lines and caller ID. The need for more than six lines can be filled either with an add-on module for an additional ten lines or the eight-line Cisco 7975 model (see below).

Online Tutorial   User Guide   Upgrade Options


Cisco Color Screen Sets


The color screen models 7965 and 7945 are the same as models 7962 and 7940 respectively, but have a color screen with sharper resolution.

Cisco 7965:   Online Tutorial   User Guide   Upgrade Options

Cisco 7945:  Online Tutorial   User Guide   Upgrade Options


Cisco 7975

Model 7975 has the same setup as the 7965 and the 7945, but has eight line buttons.



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