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Speed Dialing

Speed dialing allows you to press a button, enter an index number, or use your phone screen options to place a call quickly. Depending on the model, your phone can support several speed-dial features:

To set up Speed-dial Buttons and Abbreviated Dialing, you must login to the Cisco Unified CM User Options Web page to enter your contact information. The University Directory is built into your phone system and needs no setup.

Each speed dialing feature is explained below, including instructions for setup and use via the Cisco User Options Web page. For help, call the Help Desk at 874-HELP (4357).


Speed-dial Buttons

Speed-dial Buttons allow you to dial a number quickly by pressing the speed-dial button next to the name of the person that appears on your screen. If your phone model has speed-dial buttons, they are located to the right of your phone screen. They can be set up for speed-dial only if they are not used as a telephone line or an intercom. If you need to set up more speed-dial entries than your phone has buttons, use the Abbreviated Dialing feature explained below to add more entries.

Note: 6921 model phones do not have spare buttons for speed-dial setup; use Abbreviated Dialing. 7911 model phones are single-line phones and do not offer the speed-dial option.

  • To set up Speed-dial Buttons: Go to the Cisco User Options Web page below.
  • To use: Press the speed-dial button associated with the person you wish to call.


Abbreviated Dialing

Abbreviated Dialing allows you to set up speed-dial codes if you need more entries than your phone has speed-dial buttons or if your phone does not have speed-dial buttons. You can enter up to 199 phone numbers for quick dialing.

Note: 6921 model phones use the term Speed Dial instead of Abbreviated Dialing; you will see SpeedDial over the soft key instead of AbbrDial when you dial the speed-dial code number. On the Cisco User Options Web page,

  • To set up Abbreviated Dialing: Go to the Cisco User Options Web page below.
  • To use: The number of the line into which you enter your phone number is the code you will press on your phone keypad. One of the soft keys under the phone screen will change to the command AbbrDial, which you press to dial the number. For example, if the URI Help Desk, 44357, was your fifth entry, you would press the 5 keypad number and the AbbrDial softkey. Your phone will auto-dial 44357.


University Directory

University Directory lists the names and phone numbers of all URI members who are using a Cisco VoIP phone. It is built into your phone system.

To use:

  • Press the Directories (open book) button on your phone; if you have a model 7911, press the Applications (globe) button.
  • Select University Directory from the listed items.
  • Enter search information into any field. This search allows abbreviations; for example, if you are searching for someone whose first name starts with the character string Kar, you can enter that character string in the First Name field. The search will find all entries whose first name starts with Kar.


Cisco User Options Web Page Setup Instructions

1. Go to the Cisco User Options Web page.
2. Log in using your e-Campus ID and password in the username and password fields, respectively.
3. Go to the User Options drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the next screen and select Device. You will see information filled in about your phone(s).

  • If you have more than one phone, select the phone for which you are setting up speed dialing from the drop-down menu next to the Name field, which lists your phones by their identifier number. To find out which identifier number belongs to the phone you are working on, press the Settings (square with checkmark) button on the phone you are setting up.
  • Select Network Configurations from the listed items; then scroll down (down arrow key) to Host Name. The number that appears under Host Name is the Name used to identify your phone on the Cicso User Options Web page.
  • Select it from the Name drop-down menu on the Web page if it is not already selected.
  • Click on the Speed Dials button below the Device fields.
4. To set up Speed-dial Buttons:On the screen that appears next, the top table labeled Speed Dial Settingsallows you to enter a phone number(s) connected to your available speed-dial buttons.

  • Enter the phone number; remember to include 9 before the number for off-campus numbers; i.e. 9XXXXXXX. For on-campus numbers, you can enter just five digits; i.e., 4XXXX.Note: On the 6921 model phone only, the first six available entries are labeled Speed Dial Settings; the remaining entries are labeled Abbreviated Settings. Settting up and use of speed dialing is the same for both.
  • In the Label field, enter the name associated with the number. This is the name that will appear on your phone screen.
  • When you tab to the ASCII Label field, the same name you entered in the Label field will appear; you do not need to enter anything in this field.
5. To set up Abbreviated Dialing:The second table named Abbreviated Dial Settings offers 199 additional fields for speed dialing. To quickly dial numbers entered in this table, you will dial the code number located before the Number field and the AbbrDial soft key on your phone. Note:The codes and phone numbers you enter in this table will not appear on any phone screen; print this page for reference before you click Save.

  • Enter the phone numbers and labels as you did for your Speed Dial Settings entries.
  • Click the Save button before leaving the page.


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