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Below you will find all the information you need to enroll in the J Term course perfect for you, including important dates, courses and credits, tuition and financial aid, and other URI resources available to you as a J Term student.

Still have questions? Email John Olerio at jolerio@uri.edu.

The Basics

  • J Term is an academic mini-semester over winter break (the approximately three-week period between January 2 and the day before the spring semester begins) that consists of credit-bearing courses that offer new value-added experiences to students not possible during standard semesters and/or allow students to catch up or retake certain courses.

    • Applications for off-campus programs will be accepted through Sunday, October 2nd. Apply for a program here.
    • Registration for on-campus courses will begin on eCampus the morning of Monday, October 31st and run through the beginning of the J Term.
    • E-bills will be generated on eCampus for all enrolled students starting in November*. Exact date forthcoming.
    • E-bill payment will be due in full in December*. Exact date forthcoming.
    • On-campus classes can begin Monday, January 2, 2017
    • The last day on-campus classes can meet is Friday, January 20, 2017
    • Grades are due in eCampus by 12pm on Saturday, January 21, 2017

    *Only applies to students registered by November, 2016. Students who register later will have varying due dates that can be viewed on eCampus.

  • Yes! Here’s how:

      1. Download and complete the Non-Degree Application Form.  Submit your completed form to jolerio@uri.edu or to URI Enrollment Services by following the instructions listed on the second page of the form. This form can only be used for Winter J Term courses. NOTE: immediately after you fill in the application form select “print” rather than “save.” In the print dialog box choose PDF as the printer. This will save your form with the data you have entered as a new PDF. Fillable PDF resource sheet. 

      2. Within 3 business days of the submission of your application form, you will receive your URI Student ID# from a representative of the University.  You will need this to register for eCampus, URI’s online module that allows students to organize all the many academic facets of student life (course registration, tuition payments, keeping track of final grades, etc).  To create your e-Campus account, visit http://web.uri.edu/ecampus/ and click on the “First Time Users Register Here” link on the left-hand side of your screen.  You will create a username and password.

      3. Use the “Class Search” function on your e-Campus homepage to find URI Winter classes that are perfect for you.  You will be able to register for any Winter J Term course marked with a green circle.  

      4. Setup your my.uri.edu email account.  To access your my.uri.edu email account, visit http://www.uri.edu/news/myuri/ after completing your e-Campus registration and click on the “LOG IN TO MY.URI.EDU” button.  The username you select for e-Campus will also serve as your URI email User ID.  Your initial email password will be your birth date (2 numerical digits for month, 2 numerical digits for day and 4 numerical digits for year — with no spaces or punctuation in between).  It is recommended that you change this password after your initial login.  URI Enrollment Services will use your my.uri.edu email to notify you when your bill has been generated on e-Campus.  Your professor will use this email address to alert you of important class information and URI administrators will use it for Winter J Term notifications.

      5. Make sure your full-time university or college will accept the credits you earn through Winter J Term courses.  Your school will have an online database of courses accepted for credit from outside institutions (you can view URI’s version of this database here as a reference) and a version of a “transfer credit form” that you will need to complete and submit to your school if you plan to take a URI course that has not been previously accepted by your school. Completing such a form often requires a course syllabus and/or URI course description.  You can search all official URI Course Descriptions here. For a copy of a URI syllabus, email the instructor listed for the class. You can visit the URI Faculty/Staff Directory to lookup the appropriate email address.

        If this is your first time registering for a course at the University of Rhode Island, welcome! You are five easy steps away from taking advantage of the reduced tuition rates of Winter J Term:

        Having trouble registering for a Winter J Term course? You can access an FAQ for eCampus, URI email and Sakai (another online system used by URI faculty during Winter J Term courses) here:web.uri.edu/ecampus/files/userid_and_password_document_october_18_2004.pdf or contact John Olerio at 401-874-2540 or jolerio@uri.edu .

Courses and Credits

  • Registration for J Term on-campus courses is conducted via eCampus. You can see a list of on-campus and online courses here, and they are also listed in eCampus. The term for January, 2017 is January 2 – 20. For most classes, students will not need a permission number if they have met the course requirements and will be able to register through eCampus much the same as any other URI course. Registration for 2017 Winter J Term on-campus courses will begin on eCampus the morning of Monday, October 31st, 2016.

    All 2017 URI Winter J Term off-campus programs will require an application through the URI Office of International Education. Registration for 2017 Winter J Term off-campus programs is open through Sunday, October 2nd.

  • The maximum number of credits that you can enroll in and earn is 4 credits. Courses offered may vary from 1 to 4 credits. Students cannot petition to earn more than 4 credits.

  • A student can complete the credits required to graduate in the Winter J Term. However, a student cannot graduate in the Winter J Term. Students completing their requirements over the winter term will be eligible to graduate in May. Students in this position can obtain a letter from his/her Dean’s Office stating that they have completed all requirements of their program. A diploma and proof of graduation will not be issued until after the May commencement.

  • No.

  • You will not be dismissed as the result of a grade in a Winter J term course. Students academically dismissed at the end of December may stay enrolled in the Winter J Term course. Students on probation, who earn a GPA above 2.0 as the result of the Winter J term will be removed from probation. Due to timing, this will not occur until after the spring semester has begun.

Tuition and Financial Aid

  • Per credit tuition rate*

    * Travel and program fees may apply for various courses.

  • E-bills will be generated for all enrolled students starting November, 2016. These bills will be due December 18, 2016*. Late payment fees will be assessed on unpaid balances starting February 1, 2017. Registration/transcript holds will be placed on accounts with unpaid balances starting February 9, 2017.

    *Only applies to students registered before December, 2016. Students who register after December 1st will have varying due dates that can be viewed on eCampus.

  • Students withdrawing from a 2017 Winter J Term course are subject to the following refund schedule:

    • Up until midnight on Sunday, January 1st: 100%
    • Up until midnight on Monday, January 2nd: 50%

    The last day to drop a course on eCampus will be Monday, January 2nd. Students who drop a 2017 Winter J Term course on Monday, January 2nd will still be liable for payment of 50% of tuition and fees related to the course.

    Note: The refund policy for travel courses will vary by program and will have a drop deadline much earlier than the above dates.

  • The Winter J Term is an optional term. The per-credit rate for Winter J Term tuition has been discounted by over 50% from fall and spring rates to help make this term more affordable. For students enrolled and matriculated in a degree program at URI, Limited internal scholarship money will be available, and federal aid may also be available. To apply for Winder J term aid, you will need to:

    Students who are eligible for a financial aid refund in the fall or spring terms may choose to use this for Winter J Term expenses.


  • Students who purchased a Campus Plus or Campus Premiere meal plan through URI Dining Services for the 2016 fall semester and are enrolled in a 2017 Winter J Term on-campus course will be eligible to receive up to three Grab-n-Go Combo Meals per day, Monday – Friday, at the Ram’s Den at no additional cost.

    Students who purchased a Campus Standard meal plan through URI Dining Services for the 2016 fall semester and are enrolled in a 2017 Winter J Term on-campus course will be eligible to receive up to three Grab-N-Go Combo Meals per day, Monday – Friday, at the Ram’s Den for a flat fee of $100. To upgrade your Campus Standard meal plan for the J Term, please contact URI Dining Services at 401-874-2055.

    During the 2017 URI Winter J Term, the Ram’s Den will be open Monday – Friday, from 7:30am – 1:30pm, starting Monday, January 2nd. The Ram’s Den will close Monday, January 16 in observance of MLK Day. The Ram’s Den will be the only URI Dining Services facility open during the J Term. Students without a meal plan for the J Term will be able to purchase food at the Ram’s Den with cash, credit or Ram Account dollars.

    There are always Emporium merchants open during the J Term that accept cash, credit card, and Ram Account transactions. See a list of Ram Account merchants here.

  • In support of resident students interested in enrolling in Winter J Term classes this January, current (assigned in the fall and returning in the spring) resident students are eligible to reside in their residence hall room, at no additional charge, for the duration of the Winter J Term. Resident students will be required to register in advance at the URI Housing & Residential Life web site. Please visit the URI Housing & Residential Life website for more details.

  • On the Kingston campus, during the Winter J Term period only, students will be allowed to park in the Briar Lane Visitor Lot to attend classes.  All URI commuter student parking lots will also be available to Winter J Term students.  There will be no parking permit required, nor a fee attached to parking your vehicle on the Kingston Campus during the Winter J Term.  However, students planning on attending the following spring semester are required to order a parking permit and to park in the appropriate student lot associated with the obtained permit.  Information about parking and parking permits can be found at the URI Parking and Transportation Services website.

    Students taking a Winter J Term course in Providence will be contacted before the start of classes by a URI administrator and will receive detailed instructions related to Winter J Term parking. Visit the Feinstein Providence Campus Parking Website for more information.

  • During the J Term, URI will continue to utilize the URI Alert system to announce any class cancellations or delays.

  • Starting Monday, December 26th, URI Health Services will provide administrative services Monday – Friday, from 8:00am to 3:30pm. From Monday, January 2nd – Friday, January 20th, Clinical services will be available Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 3:00pm. Health Services will be closed Monday, January 16th, in observance of Martin Luther King Day. Please visit the URI Health Services website for further details.

  • Starting Monday, December 26th, the URI Bookstore will be open Monday – Wednesday, 8:30am-4:30pm. Online ordering of J Term books through the URI Bookstore will be available December 16th – January 8th. The URI Bookstore will be closed Monday, January 16th, in observance of Martin Luther King Day. Please visit the URI Bookstore website for further details.

  • Starting Monday, January 2nd, 2017, the library in Kingston will be open Monday – Thursday, 9am-5pm. The Library will be closed Monday, January 16th, in observance of Martin Luther King Day. Please visit the Carothers Library website for further details.

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