Four Year Plan

Semester  I (16-17)

LAR 101
LAR 201  (GEN ED: A4. Arts & Design)
PLS 150  (GEN ED: A1. STEM & C2. Global Responsibilities)
GEO 100 or 103 (GEN ED: A1. STEM & B4. Info Literacy or CHM or PHY (GEN ED: A1 STEM)
MTH¹ (MTH 111-GEN ED: A1. STEM & B3. Math)
GEN ED (Choose 1 class from C1. Civic Knowledge)

Semester II (15)

LAR 202  (GEN ED: A4. Arts & Design)
ART 207 (GEN ED: A4. Arts & Design & B2. Communicate Effectively)
WRT 104-106 (GEN ED: B1. Write Effectively & Information Literacy)
GEG 101
GEN ED (Choose 1 class from C3. Diversity & Inclusion. Note: this can be a G. Grand Challenge)

Semester III (17)

LAR 243²
LAR 353
PLS 200
GEN ED (student choice)
GEN ED (student choice)

Semester IV (14)

LAR 244²
LAR 300²
LAR 354
GEN ED (student choice)


Semester V (18)

LAR 301²
LAR 343²
LAR 345²
CPL 410

Semester VI (17)

LAR 302²
LAR 344²
LAR 346²
CPL 434²
GEN ED (student choice)


Semester VII (14-17)

LAR 443²
LAR 444²
CPL 538

Semester VIII (12-14)

LAR 445²
LAR 447²
LAR 450²

¹All freshman and transfer students without MTH 111 must take a math placement exam prior to registering for classes.  The placement exam will either allow students to take MTH 111 or MTH 103 (the preparatory class for MTH 111). If a student is informed that they must take MTH 103, they will enroll in this class in the FALL Semester I and upon successful completion of MTH 103 they will enroll in MTH 111 in the following Spring Semester II

²These courses must be taken in the sequence shown.


Student Profiles


Emma Winkler, ‘17
Hometown:  Wakefield, RI

As a high school student Emma was interested in the arts and during her senior year she was introduced to an environmental science course. By learning about the environmental impacts of humans on the landscape she decided to study this issue further. In her search for careers and college majors, Emma discovered Landscape Architecture and was able to merge her two interests into one passion.

What has surprised her most about URI is how close the students are in her landscape architecture studio. Emma notes:  “I’ve created so many friends throughout this experience, including the professors. Everyone is willing to help and collaborate on any project I am involved in.”

Beyond her studies in landscape architecture, Emma has interned at a local azalea garden in Kingston, RI and also at Katherine Field Associates, a landscape architecture firm located in Newport, RI.  Additionally she is on the Dean’s advisory council and has served as an undergraduate teaching assistant in Plant Identification, CAD and Construction classes.

Stephen Crisafulli, ‘13
Hometown:  Woonsocket, RI

Imagine sitting in a light, bright studio with skylights and sails overhead, listening to music, as your ideas are transformed into original designs on paper. That’s the aspect of URI’s landscape architecture program that Stephens likes the most. The part that surprises him the most is just how driven and dedicated his professors are, and not just the ones in landscape architecture.  During the school year, he may spend his off-hours as a sandwich architect at a local restaurant, but his summer internships have really given him a chance to practice his classroom learning in the real world. At a design/build firm owned by a URI alumnus, he’s learning construction details and does custom stonework, grading, irrigation, plantings, design and more. As part of the grounds crew at a local country club, he’s learning the basics of maintaining an upscale golf course and about plant and turf diseases and how to treat them. All these experiences put together have inspire his career goal – design his own golf course and complete most of the work with classmates.