NEMO 2013 Conference: NEMO ME
October 6-8, 2013

Presentations from NEMO 2013

The Central Role of Management and Administration in Extension and Experiment Stations in the 21st Century

by John Rebar, Executive Director

University of Maine Cooperative Extension

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Volunteer Management:  What Extension Can do to Ensure the Rewards are Greater than the Risks of Having Volunteers

by Jennifer Lobley, Associate Extension Professor

Fran Sulinski, Assistant Director

University of Maine Cooperative Extension

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Project Management Through the Prism of REEport

by Carol Harvey, Assistant Director

New Jersey Agriculture Experiment Station ~ Rutgers University

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What would Morrill, Hatch, Smith, and Lever think about Climate Change?

by Ivan Fernandez

University of Maine


Responsibility Center Management by Darell Covell

by Darrell Covell, Assistant Director, Finance and Human Resources

Jim Grady, Associate Director, Emeritus

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

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National MRF Writing Project Accomplishments (Jun 2012-Sep 2013)

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Supplemental to presentation by

Rubie Mize, Assistant to the Executive Director, NERA