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Library Statistics

All figures below are given on an annual basis, unless otherwise noted, and are for the latest year available.


Books (physical) 1,357,551 titles Updated: ACRL FY15 data
Books (digital/electronic) 105,378 titles Updated: ACRL FY15 data
Databases 228 databases Updated: ACRL FY15 data
Media (physical) 143,096 titles Updated: ACRL FY15 data
Media (digital/electronic) 10,637 titles Updated: ACRL FY15 data
Manuscripts & archives 16,597 linear feet Updated: 7/2016

Materials/services expenses

One-time purchase of books, serial backfiles, and other materials $1,294,137 Updated: ACRL FY15 data
E-books (included in one-time purchases above) $558,859 Updated: ACRL FY15 data
Ongoing commitments to subscriptions $2,676,051 Updated: ACRL FY15 data
All other materials/service cost $778,811 Updated: ACRL FY15 data
Total materials/services expenses $4,748,999 Updated: ACRL FY15 data

Total library expenditures

Total library expenses $8,433,427 Updated: ACRL FY15 data


Hours open each week 117 hours Updated: 11/2016
Gate count 1,236,458 visitors Updated: ACRL FY15 data
URI Libraries Search (Primo) searches 803,187 searches Updated: FY16 data
Initial circulations 55,316 initial circulations Updated: ACRL FY15 data
Reference transactions 7,935 transactions Updated: FY16 data
Chat reference transactions (included in reference transactions above) 1,150 transactions Updated: FY16 data
Number of presentations 451 presentations Updated: FY16 data
Total attendance at all presentations 9,767 people Updated: FY16 data
Credit courses taught 7 sections Updated: FY16 data


Total professional staff 26.5 FTE Updated: ACRL FY15 data
All other paid staff (except student assistants) 20.0 FTE Updated:ACRL FY15 data
Student assistants 13.5 FTE Updated:ACRL FY15 data
TOTAL 61 FTE Updated: ACRL FY15 data

Additional library metrics can be found in DigitalCommons@URI in the series Technical Services Reports and Statistics and University Libraries Reports and Statistics. Specifically:

For comparisons with other libraries, please see the following publications:

American Library Association. Research and Statistics About Academic Libraries. Online. Available

ACRLmetrics. Online.

ACRL University Library Statistics, Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries (biennial) at Serial Z675 .U5 A278

ARL Statistics, Washington: Association of Research Libraries (annual) at Serial Z675 .U5 A78. Also online at

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), Washington: National Center for Educational Statistics (annual) at Govt. Pub. CD-ROM ED1.334/4:. Also online at

Contact information

If you have any questions, please contact Karim Boughida, Dean, University Libraries, by telephone at (401) 874-4602 or by e-mail at

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