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Brothers and Sisters,
Currently scheduling dates to begin negotiating with the State, We have been preparing for some time and are ready to begin. As you are aware the current contract expires 6/30/2017. Thank you for your contract proposal submissions. We will continue to take them through the end of March. For your convenience a contract proposal sheet is attached to this email.
State budget process continues on. Continue to monitor & advocate for our members job security in addition to our long term viability. Last night the Governor’s proposal for 2 years free college was heard before HFC.

Unfortunately the March Membership meeting was canceled due to the “storm” Our next meeting is scheduled for 4/11 Gilanti Lounge URI Library. The May Membership meeting is scheduled for 5/9 MU Ballroom. The May meeting is our last scheduled meeting until September.
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Most recently we won a great victory in New Hampshire when a Republican Legislature and Republican Governor said no to our enemies (ALEC, Goldwater institute, Heritage, Arnold’s, Freedom & Prosperity) and said no to Right to Work. Awesome victory for our Brothers and Sisters in NH.
In Iowa 40,00 AFSCME members lost there right to bargain for wages, health care and most all financials. In addition the state has also refused to deduct dues from employees checks. AFSCME has filed suit and our using every resource available to fight these draconian cuts in workers rights in the state of Iowa.
In Illinois oral arguments were recently submitted in the Janus V AFSCME case. After Friedrich’s failed in SCOTUS our enemies have now found more scab workers in Illinois and are using them to argue the merits of Friedrich’s again. Once again the goal of Friedrich’s, now Janus, and Harris V Quinn before that is to defund America’s unions, and steal rights workers currently enjoy because of unions nothing more, It is about $ if they can defund unions workers voices are silenced not only in Washington DC but in every state legislature, city council, town hall, and school committee in America. The stakes are high! We need to be vigilant and resolute in the defense of our rights.
I share this news because we need everyone to understand our enemies are well prepared, well funded and motivated & emboldened by recent elections to take our good middle class jobs and replace them with minimum wage jobs with no rights in the work place what so ever. The lynch pin in there attack is defunding unions across America. WE ARE NOT IMMUNE TO THESE EFFORTS IN RI! They are relying on us being short sighted and blind to our history. I believe they under estimate us. I believe if we continue to recognize that while each one of us is different in our views, beliefs and ideals WE ALL SHARE A COMMON BOND; OUR JOBS. Whether we rely on the income, the health care, time off, tuition waiver or any of the benefits fought for and earned by our union we are all dependent on these good jobs. The only way we protect our jobs, and each other is by sticking together.
I know from interacting with you on campus and in the community we have a strong foundation established from which to wage this fight, protect our jobs, and each other. I just want you to know I am deeply committed and as motivated as ever to working with you to protect our jobs and keep the Local 528 train rolling on.

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