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Brothers and Sisters,



It is hard to believe the 4th of July is only a few weeks away and not long after Rhode Island will elect a new Governor. First September 9th (Primary) and then again on November 4th (General Election) we will have an opportunity to elect a candidate who respects workers and the services we provide.


I would like to use this opportunity to urge everyone number one register to vote and two be sure to vote both in September as well as in November. I look forward to working with you this Summer in an effort to elect candidates who truly respect working men and women. The most important steps we can take right now aside from being registered to vote is to begin to educate ourselves on the issues, and the candidates statewide. Remember for all the damage the Treasurer did to our retirement security it was the General Assembly who passed the legislation enacting the single most harmful pension cuts in the country to date.  If you need assistance registering to vote please contact the Union Office.


In the coming months there will be opportunities for Local 528 members to take an active role (phone banks, door knocking, get out the vote efforts, etc…..) to date we have received an outstanding number of commitments and I would like to encourage everyone to take part. We are all busy with day to day life however I maintain there is no greater cause than collectively in solidarity working through the political process in order to protect our jobs and each other. The only way to reverse the attacks on public employees in our state is elect candidates, and protect elected officials who have respect for workers. The only way to accomplish this is through time, effort, dedication and hard work. In a time when Local 528 can count on a shrinking number of elected officials we must look within and count on each other!





PENSION LAWSUIT- The State has requested Judge Taft-Carter to add any/all cities, towns, water boards, quasi government agency, etc…..with an intersest as defendants in the court case. As of today there has been no decision rendered.


As I stated at the May membership meeting later this summer we will be getting together as a union to discuss moving forward with the suit, how we fund the lawsuit, estimated length, and other related topics.


CONTRACT (raises)- Since the budget was released last week there has been much speculation regarding the funding of our upcoming raises. In response to the speculation I would like to be clear as president Downey articulated late last week we have a signed contract and anticipate the state following the contract. I share these sentiments and like you am eagerly awaiting our 3 well deserved raises over the next 18 months. 




August 10th last day for primary voters registration


September 9th primary election day


September 9th Local 528 general membership meeting (scheduled)


October 5th last day general election voter registration


November 4th general election


Below please find the link to contact info for both the House/ Senate




Governor Chaffee signing our new contract @ Council 94 yesterday afternoon

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