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7/26/2014 - http://www.providencejournal.com/breaking-news/content/20140723-judge-rejects-r.i.-request-to-add-new-defendants-to-pension-overhaul-lawsuit.ece

7/4/2014 – http://www.afscme.org/blog/the-wage-war-for-public-workers-unions

6/28/2014 - 

North Providence – Today, Rhode Island Council 9.t, American Federation of State, County, and Vlunicipal
Employees, AFL-CIO announced their endorsements of Mavor Angel Taveras for Governor and Guillaume
De Ramel for Secretary of State.




Each election cycle Council 9-4 ‘s Political Action/Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative
Equality (PEOPLE) Steering Committee, which is comprised of over 27 active and retired municipal and
state employees review candidate questionnaires, conduct interviews, and vote to endorse candidates in Primary and/or General Elections.




President Downey stated, “Our endorsement process is very thorough and democratic. After a careful review of the candidates’ questionnaire responses, interview performance, and vigorous debate, our committee chose to endorse in both the Governorrs and Secretary of State’s Democratic Primary Elections.
Council 94 will communicate our endorsements to our members and will do everything possible to assist our endorsed candidates on the path to victory,”




Council 94 endorsed ‘\Iayor Angel Taveras for Governor based on his: humble beginnings and past union
membership; strong track record as the chief executive for the city of Providence; ability to successfully
negotiate solutions to complex problems while Providence was under financial duress; and vision to get
Rhode Islanders working again.




Mayor Angel Taveras stated, “The work that AFSC\I£ members do makes a difference in the lives of families across our state. I’m proud to receive this endorsement and will work on behalf of all Rhode Island working families to build our economy, create jobs and restore hope,”




Council P-l endorsed Guillaume De Ramel based on his: commitment to public accountability/transparency and increasing the accessibility/efficiency of voting,




Guilluame De Ramel stated, “I know we can positively impact our economic climate by cutting red-tape,
increasing openness and transparency, and creating a new way of doing business in Rhode Island. I’m
honored that Council 94′s hardworking women and men have endorsed my vision for the Secretary of State’s office.”




Council 94 represents over 10,000 active and retired state, municipal, and private sector employees.


5/24/2014 -



North Providence – Today, Rhode Island Council 94, AFSCi\IE, AFL-CIO announced the appointment of Gerard “Gerry” O’Neill as Executive Director.


J. Michael Downey, president of Council 94, explained, “Last night Council 94′s Executive Board voted unanimously to appoint Gerry O’Neill as the new Executive Director of RI
Council 94, AFSC\IE, and AFL-CIO. Gerry’s experience as rank and file member and
labor attorney makes him the perfect c
hoice to direct the staff and assist in the execution of
Executive Board’s goals.”


Gerry O’Neill, Esq. graduated from Rhode Island College in 1976; worked at the Ladd Center / was a member of Local 1293 for” seven years; served as a union steward for three years; attended New England School of Law from 1980-1984; worked as an attorney for Council 94 for twenty-rwo years; and became a Staff Business Agent/Attorney in 2006.


President Downey concluded, “Gerry has handled some of our most challenging grievances, arbitrations, and contract negotiations. Working together will continue to advocate aggressively for our members and all Rhode Island workers during these
challenging times.”


Council 94 represents over 9,600 active and retired state, municipal, and private sector employees.


5/17/2014 - http://www.alternet.org/economy/privatization-scam-5-horror-stories-govt-outsourcing-greedy-private-companies

The votes are tallied and the Council 94 and State of RI contract has passed.

4/13/2014 – http://wpri.com/2014/04/11/ri-pension-mediation-ends-trial-set-for-sept/

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