Ocean Policy & Law

1253865_93540479Ocean policy consists of a variety of means to govern human activities at sea or that affect the sea. Policies operate at the global scale through the Law of the Sea Convention as well as regionally among nations and at the level of exclusive economic zones within nations. Diverse sector-based policies (fisheries, deep sea minerals, oil and gas, shipping, etc.) dominate many arrangements at each of these scales. In recent years ecosystem-based management has been used to coordinate policies across sectors and among international and national entities. Students interested in this area will learn about  international laws as they relate to ocean management problems, jurisdiction in zones such as territorial seas, exclusive economic zones, and the high seas, as well as the problems posed by zonal approaches to ocean-use management.

Faculty working on Ocean Policy & Law:
Courses offered:
  • MAF 220 Intro to Marine and Coastal Law
  • MAF 515 Marine Pollution Policy
  • MAF 521 Coastal zone law
  • MAF 523 Fisheries Law and Management
  • MAF 577 International Ocean Law
  • MAF 578 International Ocean Organizations