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MCAA By-Laws


Section 1.1 Name

The name of the organization shall be the Multicultural College Administrators Association

Section 1.2 Vision statement

The Multicultural College Administrators Association (MCAA) strives to be the best diversity-related organization in Rhode Island with mutually beneficial interconnections with higher education institutions in Southeastern New England.

Section 1.3 Mission Statement

The Multicultural College Administrators Association (MCAA) was created to provide support and professional development to multicultural college administrators in higher education institutions in Rhode Island with mutually beneficial interconnections with higher education institutions in Southeastern New England.  Members provide expertise in the development and delivery of diversity programs and services to ensure that inclusive excellence is embedded in the various diversity initiatives on campuses in the region.

Section 1.4 Value Statements

We believe the mission and goals reflect our shared values related to the importance of our diversity work and expertise in higher education institutions. Our desire is to establish MCAA as a cutting edge diversity organization for our members and institutions. To meet this outcome, we are stressing five core values: excellence, professional development, respect, collaboration, and research.

We strive for excellent performance both individually and collectively as a team.
Professional development
Members explore a wide range of options for their personal and professional development.
We believe in the principles of equity and social justice and commit ourselves to creating environments of respect for all persons and their contributions.
We accept the shared responsibility of working together across institutions in order to integrate, expand and institutionalize our diversity initiatives.
We commit ourselves to establishing our programs, services, and policy recommendations on principles and “best practices” that, wherever possible, emerge from research and professional judgment.

Section 1.5 Goal Statements

We accomplish our mission through the following goals

  1. Collaborating on program development and delivery of services to members
  2. Networking with other  multicultural college administrators in higher education
  3. Recognizing the accomplishments of members and local institutions for exceptional diversity initiatives
  4. Identifying and sharing best practices
  5. Enhancing knowledge of current research related to diversity initiatives
Section 2.1 Eligibility

Membership is open to any multicultural practitioner employed by an institution of higher education serving the northeastern United States Additional invitations for membership may be extended by a quorum of the current members to allies, and college faculty, administrators, and staff, who support the mission of the organization.

Section 2.2 Severance of Membership

A member may be terminated from the organization for any conduct that may harm the interests of the organization or that is contrary to accepted ethical standards. Any member who is alleged to have engaged in such conduct shall be given the opportunity to address these concerns before a quorum of the organization.

A member may be terminated from the organization for the nonpayment of dues.

Section 2.3 Dues

Institutional Member $250.00 per Year
Any college or university that wishes to support the work and mission of MCAA or can benefit from its services is eligible for an Institutional Membership, with the right to send three (3) voting representatives from the college or university.  Institutional membership is paid annually, and the membership year runs July 1-June 30.

Individual Member $100.00 per Year
Individual Membership is paid annually, with renewal 12-month from initial payment.  Individual members are defined as those who are employed by an institution of higher education with multicultural, diversity or similar position descriptions. Individual members can vote and hold office.

Section 3.1 Regular Meetings

Regular meetings of the membership shall be held in rotation at a host campus or site on the first Friday of each month, agreed-upon day, during each month of the academic year. A networking meeting shall be held at an agreed upon site during the month of December.

Section 3.2 Summer Retreat

A summer retreat shall be held on an agreed-upon day and site during the month of July.

Section 3.3 Committee Meetings

Each committee shall determine its respective meeting schedule for the year.

Section 3.4 Notification of Meetings

Formal reminders of the location, date, time, and agenda of each regular membership meeting shall be sent to each current member not less than seven (7) days in advance of the meeting. In addition, the annual schedule of meetings shall be determined by no later than August and circulated to members by no later than September.

Section 3.5 Quorum

A quorum of at least one-third (1/3) of the eligible members present in person or by proxy letter shall constitute a quorum and be empowered to approve by majority vote agenda items requiring action.

Section 4.1 The Officers of the Northeast Multicultural College Administrators Association shall be as follows:
  • Chair
  • Co-Chair
  • Co- Secretaries
  • Treasurer
  • Together the Officers and the Committee Chairs shall constitute the Executive Committee of the organization
Section 4.2 Eligibility

Each officer is required to be a member in good standing of the organization for at least one year. A member who has not missed more than three meetings per year without cause shall be considered to be in good standing.

Section 4.3 Nominations and Elections

Nominations shall be held in April. Elections shall be announced by no later than May of each election year, and held by July. Ballots shall be reviewed by the Secretary. Results of the elections shall be reported by the Secretary by August. The Secretary shall compose a slate presenting at least one member in good standing for the respective Officer positions. All members shall be eligible to vote to elect officers. Candidates receiving the greatest number of valid votes shall be elected.

Section 4.4 Terms of Service

The term of an Officer shall be two years. Officers shall not be eligible to succeed themselves after two consecutive terms in their respective offices.


Section 4.5 Vacancies

Vacancies among the Officer positions shall be filled at the next scheduled meeting for the unexpired term. A vacancy may occur because of formal resignation or removal. Removal of an Officer shall be for just cause. Just cause shall include but is not limited to, three (3) consecutive absences from duly held regular meetings of the membership; repeated failure or inability to discharge the duties of office; or ethical improprieties. Removal shall be voted upon by all members in good standing.

Section 4.6 Succession

The order of succession is the following: Chair, Co-chair in absence of Chair, Secretary in absence of Chair and Co-Chair, and Treasurer in absence of Chair, Co-Chair and Secretary.

Section 4.7 Duties of Officers

The specific duties of the Officers shall be as follows:

  • a) Chair
    • Act as the chief operating officer and chief spokesperson for the organization
    • Chair membership meetings
    • Appoint the chairpersons of all standing committees, and with the approval of the Executive Committee, the ad hoc committees
    • Prepare an annual report on the state of the organization with collaboration from Executive Committee
    • Be an authorized signatory in all legal and financial transactions of the organization
    • Prepare the agenda for membership meetings with collaboration from Executive Committee
    • Alternate with the Co-Chair in coordinating and chairing the meetings of the Executive Committee
  • b) Co-Chair
    • Alternate with the Chair in coordinating and chairing the meetings of the Executive Committee and membership meetings
    • Perform all duties of the office of the Chair in the absence of the Chair
    • Coordinate and Chair the Summer Retreat
    • Coordinate the preparations for any special programs approved by the Executive Committee
    • Be an authorized signatory for all legal transactions
  • c) Co-Secretaries
    • Prepare and maintain membership records
    • Alternate the preparation and maintenance of minutes and records of the membership meetings, the Executive Committee meetings, and the Summer Retreat
    • Responsible for maintaining records of correspondence and other official papers sent and received by the organization
    • Responsible for communicating important information to members, such as meeting notices
    • Be an authorized signatory for all legal transactions
  • d) The Treasurer
    • Collect, deposit, and oversee funds for the organization
    • Responsible for monitoring and recommending fiscal policies and procedures to the Executive Committee so as to preserve the fiscal integrity of the organization
    • Be an authorized signatory for all financial transactions
    • Preparing and present an annual financial report at the Summer Retreat
Section 5.1 The standing committees of the organization shall be as follows:
  • a) The Communication Committee
  • b) The Student Liaison Committee
  • c) The Professional Development Committee
  • d) The Awards and Recognition Committee
  • e) The Membership Committee
Section 5.2- Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committees shall be appointed by the Chair upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee or any standing committee.

Section 6.1 Amendments to the Bylaws

Bylaws of the organization may be amended at any membership meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members eligible to vote, counting those in attendance and those by proxy.

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