Mentor/Tutor Internship Program

Dedicated to providing great interns from URI to schools and programs across the state


Course Requirements


  1. Attend weekly mandatory MTI meetings. Failure to attend could result in an unsatisfactory grade for the semester.
  2. Attend the mandatory training session, usually on the second Saturday of the semester.
  3. Complete a two-paragraph journal on your week, due every Sunday.
  4. Complete 2 two-page papers on topics to be assigned in class.
  5. Complete a project, to be determined by your MTI TA.
  6. Complete a time sheet documenting at least 44 hours of work in your placement.

The Commitment

Mentor/Tutors are expected to act in a professional manner at all times. The internship should be thought of as a job that requires mandatory attendance to meetings, school appointments, and completion of the assigned material.

MTI students are expected to make the following commitments:

  • I will act in a professional manner at all times.
  • I will notify (preferably 24 hours in advance) the school, teachers, mentees, and MTI staff if a serious emergency prevents me from keeping an appointment.
  • I will be punctual.
  • I will dress conservatively and professionally.
  • I will follow school rules. I will attend all MTI meetings.
  • I understand that a missed appointment (without prior notification) and/or a missed MTI meeting is sufficient cause to be dropped from the class roster.
  • I understand that three satisfactory/unsatisfactory credits in Political Science will be awarded.
  • I understand that URI cannot guarantee my health and safety while in this internship program. I am responsible for acting prudently and exercising caution and commonsense at all times.
  • I also understand that I may be using many different forms of transportation to participate in this program.
  • I agree that neither URI, any sponsoring consortia, nor the Host Program would be held responsible for any personal injury, death, or loss or damage to property suffered by me during periods of travel with and independent of the Mentor/Tutor Internship.
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