Vertical Files

Instrumental Methods & Studies
Instrumental Solos & Ensembles

The Music Resource Center processes printed music in distinctly different ways depending on what it is and how it is formatted.

Study scores go into the bookcases along the back and side wall of the MRC.

Music meant for one of the major performing ensembles in the Music Department is processed through the Ensemble Library and is stored in a remote location above the Fine Arts Center Concert Hall.

Music for soloists or small groups, however, is stored, for the most part, in file cabinets located at various points throughout the MRC study space (see MRC room map).

This includes, but is not limited to, chamber music editions incorporating separate individual parts with or without a score, as well as music for solo instruments such as piano or guitar, and sheet music for vocal/instrumental solos and ensembles with or without accompaniment.

The Vertical Files also include instrumental methods books and studies too thin to be comfortably shelved in a book case.

Oversized editions are shelved on the counter top of a listening booth in the far left corner of the room and can be searched through PRIMO.


Category List

Brass/Percussion Piano/Organ
Brass + Strings Organ Solo
Brass Choir Piano Solo
Brass Quartet Piano Easy
Brass Quintet Duet – 1 piano 4 hands
Brass Sextet Duet – 2 pianos 4 hands
Brass Trio Piano Ensembles (2 or more pianos – 6 or more hands)
Horn Duets/Ensemble
Horn Methods/Studies
Horn Solo Voice
Horn + Strings Solo – High Voice
Percussion Ensemble Solo – Medium Voice
Percussion Methods/Studies Solo – Low Voice
Percussion Solo Duets
Trombone Ensemble Voice + other [instrument besides piano]
Trombone Methods/Studies Vocal Ensembles
Trombone Solo
Trumpet and Trombone
Trumpet Ensembles
Trumpet Methods/Studies Mixed Ensembles
Trumpet Solos Misc. mixed Quartets
Trumpet + Strings Misc. mixed Quintet
Tuba Methods/Studies Misc. mixed trios
Tuba Solo Mixed ensembles 6 +
Piano and Strings 6 +
Woodwinds Piano Quartets (Pno + 3 strings)
Flute Method/Studies Piano Quintet (pno + 4 strings)
Flute Solos Piano Trios (Pno, Vln, Cello)
Flute Duets/Trios
Flute Quartets
Flute + Strings Strings
Recorder 2 or More Violas
Oboe Methods/Studies 2 or More Violas
Oboe/English horn Solo Cello and Bass Duets
Oboe Duets Cello Methods/Studies
Oboe + Strings Cello Solo
Oboe + other [instrument besides piano] Double Bass Methods/Studies
Bassoon Methods/Studies Guitar Ensemble
Bassoon Solo Guitar Solo
Bassoon Duets String Quartets
Double Reed Ensemble String Quintets
Saxophone Methods/Studies String Sextets +
Saxophone Solos String Trios
Saxophone Ensembles Viola Methods/Studies
Clarinet Methods/Studies Viola Solo
Clarinet Solos Viola Duets
Clarinet Duets Violin + other (duets)
Clarinet Trios Violin Duet
Clarinet Quartets Violin Ensemble
Clarinet Choir Violin Methods/Studies
Clariet + Strings Violin Solo
Woodwind Duets Violn Solo Collections/Anthologies
Woodwind Trios
Woodwind Quartets
Woodwind Quintets
Woodwind sextets and larger groups
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