Cultural Organizations

The “Humanities at Large” project is developing partnerships with off-campus cultural organizations. Southern New England is rich in museums, public libraries, and historical associations. In line with changing public needs, financial pressures, and expectations driven by media and market changes, these organizations are increasingly involved in public outreach, education, and relationships with universities. Committee members will visit cultural organizations in order to explore collaborative opportunities, their needs, and the potential for humanities PhDs in this area. Additionally, Professor Martha Rojas has offered to design a course that builds connections between cultural organizations, the coastal environment, and the digital humanities.

Cultural Organizations Subcommittee

Martha Rojas, Associate Professor, English

Rachel Boccio, Graduate Student, English

Danielle Cofer, Graduate Student, English

Kim Evelyn, Grant Project Manager; URI English PhD alumna

Elizabeth Francis, Director, Rhode Island Council for the Humanities

Wyn Kelley, Project Consultant on Cultural Organizations

Rod Mather, Professor and Chair, History

Michele Meek, Graduate Student, English

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