Dave Ragland

Dave RaglandPennsylvania, USA

(Level I – 2015)


I am currently a visiting Professor teaching Education of Peace and Justice at Bucknell University. In the fall of 2015 I will begin as Assistant Professor of Peace & Conflict Studies at Juniata College. I am also the Co-Director for the Truth-Telling Project in Ferguson, Mo., which focuses on developing a truth and reconciliation process to address structural violence and racism for Ferguson and beyond. I serve on the board of the Peace & Justice Studies Association. Additionally, I am the UN Representative for the International Peace Research Association. My most recent publication is a chapter titled “Peace Education as an Ethical Framework to Situate Restorative Justice: Locating the Concerns of Communities of Color in Peace and Justice Discourse” in Peace Studies between Tradition and Innovation. I write frequently for PeaceVoice and am working on a volume entitled, “The Intellectual and Political History of Peacemakers of Color.”