Igor Vishnepolskiy

Belarus/Rhode Island, URI, USAIgor

(Level I – 2014)

Hello, my name is Igor and my major is Psychology at the University of Rhode Island. My journey began when I was born in Bobruisk, Belarus (former Soviet Union). My parents and I came to Brooklyn, NY when I was six years old in search of better opportunities. At the age of eighteen, I joined the United States Army as a medic. During my eight year career in the Army, I have lived in Korea, Germany, and all over the western regions of the United States. Throughout my time in the Army, I believed that there were better ways in solving world problems than going to war. I did a tour in Bulgaria where we did joint exercises with the Bulgarian military as well as providing medical care to the neighboring poor villages. This is where I realized that we are all the same on the inside regardless of our backgrounds. When we provided help to the villages we were surrounded by love instead of hate. This is where I also realized that love is universal. When I decided to leave the Army in 2012 in pursuit of an education, I wanted to keep on learning about the methods of nonviolence and its application, so when the chance to take the Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation course came, I jumped at the opportunity. Hopefully, I can take the teachings of Dr. King’s methods to Nonviolence and apply it to the real world as well as teaching it to others.