Partnering Nepali Organizations

COCAP: Collective Campaign for Peace

COCAP is a national network of peace and human rights non-governmental organizations in Nepal. COCAP aims to provide a common space for its members, volunteers and friends to collectively engage in the pursuit of peace, human rights and justice in Nepal. It organizes national/regional level campaigns and programs on the issues of conflict transformation and peace building, transitional justice and social security/protection in coordination with its member organizations and other like-minded organizations.

Tribhuvan University Department of Conflict, Peace, & Development Studies

Tribhuvan University’s Conflict, Peace and Development Studies i
s a multidisciplinary Masters program that draws on key insights and strengths from several disciplines in social sciences, humanities, and environmental sciences to provide a comprehensive understanding of the multi-faceted phenomena. As a new center dedicated to the teaching and research, CPDS is expected to emerge as a professional forum for academics and practitioners working in the field of conflict, security, and peace

SWD: Social Work for Development

Social Work for Development (SWD) is a social organization led by enthusiastic social work educators from different academic backgrounds, motivated to provide professional service to the society. SWD emerged at a time of social disintegration and social dysfunctioning phenomena of developing and transforming social reality, to fulfill the need of social work intervention for a just and peaceful society. We envision a society where everyone lives with dignity, freedom, justice and has equal opportunity for sustainable development. Our goal is to enhance a peaceful and just society where people and resources are linked for development. SWD is involved in youth camp projects, child and human rights art projects, and leadership roles in community initiatives and national social change movements

CPRP is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established during a time when conflict in Nepal was taking shape. It promoted social harmony and building awareness on human and fundamental rights among rural communities through its partner organizations. It intends to promote young researchers and students in scientific research and development in conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

Change Nepal is an apolitical organization that was established in 2003. It is a collective initiative to improve the status, and defend the Human Rights, of victims of trafficking in Nepal.
In defending the human rights of children and women trapped in so called ‘entertainment’ houses, Change Nepal educates, provides psychosocial support, conducts awareness and skills development programs, and supports them in leading entrepreneurial and dignified lives.