Rebecca Rappel

Rebecca RappelRhode Island/URI, USA
(Level I – 2016) PSY 478 Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Course, URI

The nonviolence training I have received has changed the way I understand conflict and violence by realizing that it is important to have empathy by putting ourselves in other shoes. Everyone has different beliefs and that is okay. It is all about how you handle the situation by being active rather than passive. I have learned to always give love even if someone isn’t being nice. The more love that we have in the world, the more chance there will be at having a peaceful society. I have learned that it is important the goal is achievable because progress comes in smaller steps but eventually it will work out if you never give up. Personly because I want to be a social worker and I am telling kids how to socially behave and respond to their feeling apporpretly, today I taught a child about different problems such as a bump in the hill and a mountain so I thought I had the normal, pervasive and overt levels of problems and how to handle them by staying ca;m and taking breaths.  I love the way I can use what I learn in my career as well as my everyday life.