Reading Effectively

So you have a lot of reading to do and you aren’t sure how to get it all done. One method that I suggest trying to use is known as the SQ3R Reading Method. This will help you when recalling information whether for tests/quizzes or discussion posts.

So what does the SQ3R Reading Method involve?

Step 1: Survey

Read chapter title, headings, subheadings, and captions to get a feel for what the chapter is going to tell you.
Read the study questions so that you can know what concepts to look out for in your reading.

Step 2: Question

Ask questions about the title, headings, subheadings, and captions.

What do you know about the subject already?
What do you need answered for the assignment/exam?
What will you be doing with the information (e.g. write a paper, take a multiple choice quiz)?

Step 3: Read

Read actively and look for main ideas/themes.
Try to answer questions you had asked previously.
Read all underlined, italicized, boldfaced words/phrases.

Step 4: Recite

Stop throughout and summarize each section.
Try to explain what the section was about to someone else/or
Connect current material to material you have learned before.
Write questions you may still have so that you can ask your professors and/or peers.
Write answers to your questions that you had in the Question step.

Step 5: Review

Look over the outlines or notes you made in your textbook/notebook.
Study the main ideas to keep information fresh.
Quiz yourself! Make practice test questions from your notes.

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Material retrieved from: Utah State University Academic Resource Center.