Start Here!

Yes, the title START HERE! is appropriate for our first tips post, but it is actually much more than that. All online and blended courses will benefit from a START HERE! page that lets students know exactly how to get started in the course.

What kind of content should be in a START HERE page? Ideally, you want some kind of welcome note or video that not only introduces students to you and to the course, but also introduces them to the course site, letting them know exactly how to navigate and use each tool. Here are two examples of START HERE pages:

Start Here page

Start Here pageIn Sakai, we like to use the Lessons tool for START HERE! pages.

Want to learn how to create a START HERE! page using Lessons? And/or learn more about creating a Welcome Video like the one mentioned above? Check out our Basic Sakai Competencies training course (shown in the second image!), soon to be required of all online instructors and the first step in a 3 part certificate program which culminates in a badge designating you as an exemplary online teacher!