Registered Inspectors & Service Providers

The NE OWT Program offers intensive training courses in the areas of Conventional Onsite Wastewater Ttreatment System Inspection and Innovative & Alternative Systems Operation & Maintenance. Individuals who have successfully completed the course and passed the associated examination are registered with the NE OWTP. The lists provided here are not to serve as endorsement of any particular practitioners, only to serve as a registry of those who have successfully completed the training curriculum.

How to become a Registered Onsite Wastewater System Inspector

A number of Rhode Island Towns have adopted a Wastewater Management Ordinance that requires the inspection of onsite wastewater systems. The number of Towns adopting this kind of ordinances is growing. The vast majority of these Towns use the onsite wastewater system inspector registry to include inspectors in their Town approved list of inspectors.

The Onsite Wastewater System Inspector registry is managed by the University of Rhode Island’s New England Onsite Wastewater Training Program (NEOWTP). The registry is also made available by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) OWTS Professional Licensing Program. This registry is updated after the completion of each course.

To be included in the registry, you must register for the course “INSP100 – Conventional Wastewater System Inspection. Participants who take the class and pass the examinations will be listed in the URI conventional onsite wastewater system inspectors’ registration and posted to the RIDEM website.

INSP100 is a 2-day course with an examination. Day 1 you will be in the classroom learning about onsite wastewater system inspection techniques, and general safety issues and precautions. We will teach you how to use tools and gadgets of the inspection trade and how to recognize typical substandard systems. Day 2 will begin with a hands-on review at our Training Center. Then we head into the field to conduct 2 actual, blind inspections at existing homes using the standardized RI state inspection procedures and inspection reports. At the end of the day, you will take written and field practical examinations.

How to become a Registered I&A Onsite Wastewater System Service Provider

Innovative and alternative (I&A) onsite wastewater systems require scheduled operation and maintenance visits in order to operate as designed and/or to meet certain treatment goals. In Rhode Island, the RIDEM required all I&A systems to have an operation and maintenance contract, that is recorded in the land evidence books, for the life of the system. Onsite system service providers are professionals that have the necessary training to successfully operate such systems.

The NEOWTP manages a registry for onsite wastewater system service providers. To be included in this registry you need to first, have been included in the Onsite Wastewater System Inspector registry managed by the NEOWTP. Also, you need to have taken the course “OWT105 – Innovative and Alternative (I&A) Technology Overview” and participate and successfully complete the examination for the course “INSP200 – Innovative & Alternative Systems Operation and Maintenance”.

This is an intensive course involving two full days of class work, followed by a separately scheduled examination as part of a nationally sanctioned service provider program. Topics will include: inspecting and maintaining primary treatment and recirculating tanks; all RI-approved advanced treatment systems; timers, controls, event counters and meters; pumps and discharge assemblies; dosing intervals; and safety issues. A written examination will be given on a separate date. Participants who successfully pass the examination will be listed in the URI Operation & Maintenance Service Providers for Innovative and Alternative Onsite Wastewater System Technologies registration and posted to the RIDEM website.