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AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification)

To purchase an AVI, please contact the Parking Services Office.

What is an AVI tag and what do the initials stand for?
AVI stands for Automatic Vehicle Identification. It is a tag similar to an EZ Pass that will be placed on your vehicle windshield and will allow you to access gated Faculty and Staff lots without swiping your ID through the machine. Automatic Vehicle Identification Radio Frequency (RF) technology – (AVI) is used at gated Faculty and Staff parking locations across campus to automatically open entry gates.
Why use automatic vehicle identification (AVI) technology to control gates?
Card access systems alone are sometimes slow and inconvenient to use. Devices and card numbers, which are programmed into a management database, are read and sent to the database for verification. The system is extremely fast, authenticating access in fractions of a second. AVI devices are 3 1/2″ long by 2 1/2″ wide — approximately the size of a credit card, and must be secured to vehicle front windshields. This makes it quick and convenient to access your Faculty and Staff parking lot.
What are the benefits of AVI?
AVI will operate successfully in all University gated Faculty and Staff parking lots. It provides several benefits:

  • It saves the time and eliminates the frustration of fumbling for forgotten or misplaced ID cards.
  • It controls access to an area, encouraging only legal parking in the area;
  • The devices can be disabled easily if stolen;
  • AVI devices can be programmed for any time period of use and do not require batteries. AVI holders can continue to use the device as long as they are affiliated with the University, and the AVI can be turned off when no longer in use.

How much does an AVI cost?
An AVI for your vehicle will cost $50 per calendar year (January to December).
How do I pay for an AVI?
You may pay by money order or personal check. Please make checks payable to The University of Rhode Island. Parking Services cannot accept cash or credit cards.

Where can I park?

The AVI device will allow you to access any gated Faculty and Staff lot on campus. Please note that your vehicle will still need to be registered with Parking Services and needs to display a current staff hangtag.
What happens if the AVI device doesn’t work?
Contact the Parking Services office at (401) 874-9281. A customer service representative will assist you to resolve the problem. Your employee ID card may be used in an emergency.
What happens if the AVI device is lost or stolen?
File a stolen AVI device report with URI Police. Bring a copy of your report number to the Parking Services’ office to arrange for a replacement and to deactivate the old device. There will be a replacement fee of $35.

How to Use Your AVI Device:

When properly installed, your AVI device will automatically activate the entry gates at all gate-controlled Faculty and Staff parking areas. Please take a few minutes and review the information below to familiarize yourself with the operation of the AVI system.

  • Position the device in the upper left-hand corner of the windshield (driver’s side).
  • Use the Velcro-like adhesive strips provided to secure the AVI device to your windshield. The device must be mounted for optimum performance of the system. Holding the device will diminish the RF signal and interferes with the proper operation of the system. Devices displayed in any other fashion will be out of alignment with antennas and will not function properly.
  • Note: Even when correctly mounted, on rare occasions a device will not open the gates due to deflection of the signal by in-glass metal from defrosters or radio antennas, or polarized glass. There are solutions for this problem. If you experience any difficulty using an AVI device, contact Parking Services at 874-9281.
  • Approach the gates slowly. Although your AVI device will be very quickly authorized, the gates are mechanical and require a few seconds to open.
  • Do not tailgate vehicles in front of you, as that vehicle may obstruct the RF signal between your device and the antenna. Allow a safe and reasonable distance – a car length — between yourself and others.

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