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FAQ’s for Students

Q.  Are permits required for the summer sessions?

A. Students coming to campus during the summer session do not need to have a parking permit. Students may park in any student lot including Commuter, Resident, General Student, and Greek & Special. Students should not park in faculty/staff or visitor parking lots.

Q. How do I order a permit?

A. Go to the Parking Services website and click on “Student Parking Permits” in the left-hand column.

Q. Can I purchase a permit in your office?

A. No. They are only available online.

Q. How much does a permit cost?

A. Resident permits are $260 for the year. Commuter permits are $185 for the year. Pricing is subject to change.

Q. Why hasn’t my permit been approved?

A. If it has been more than 48 hours since you placed your order, your name may not have been on the resident/commuter list provided to our office. Please contact your housing office and verify that they have you on their list and have them contact our office confirming your residency.

Q. Can I pay for the permit with a money order or by check through the mail?

A. Yes, but the permit will take much longer to arrive and you cannot print out a temporary permit until they actually receive the payment in the mail.

Q. Where can I park?

A. Please review our Kingston Campus Map for the assigned parking areas for each different type of permit (i.e. Commuter, Resident, Faculty/Staff, Visitor, etc.)

Q. Does this parking permit work for Providence Campus parking?

A. No. Providence Campus provides their own parking passes at no charge based on your course schedule. For more information please visit their website.

Q. How long is a parking permit good for?

A. Permits are valid from September 1 through August 31 of the current academic year.

Q. Can I exchange my current permit for a different permit if my residency changes the next semester?

A. If your residency status changed you may order a REPLACEMENT permit for the new status. (i.e. If you had a Resident permit in the fall and moved into a sorority for the spring you would go back online and purchase a Replacement Greek & Special Permit). Replacement permits costs $50. If you do not want to purchase the replacement permit, you may continue to park in the area that you originally purchased the permit for.

Q. Are the permits half price if purchased only for the second semester?

A. No. Parking permits are not pro-rated per course or per-semester.

Q. I do not have a parking permit but will have my car here for a few days, is there anything I can do to be sure I’m not towed?

A. We offer temporary permits for one day periods, seven day periods, and 30 day periods. Please see the Student Parking web page for more details. These temporary parking passes also allow students to park in any student lot on campus.

Q. My vehicle was towed. How do I find it?

A. Call Parking Services at (401)874-9281 or 874-4910 after hours. We can tell you what company has towed your vehicle and will provide you with their phone number.

Q. How can I prevent my vehicle from being towed?

A. First, you must register your vehicle with URI by ordering a parking permit online. Then view the URI Campus Parking Map and park in your designated area in a legal parking space between two white lines. DO NOT rely on parking information that you hear from friends, RA’s, faculty or staff. Our website has lots of important information available and if you are still unclear as to the rules, please contact our office at (401) 874-9281.

Q. If the gate to a Faculty/Staff parking lot is open, may I, as a Student, park there?

A. No. The Faculty/Staff lots are specifically reserved for employees and/or affiliates of The University of Rhode Island. If the gate is open it is either due to an emergency, an event or possibly that the gate is broken. Students are not permitted to park in Faculty/Staff parking lots and will be warned and towed similarly to any Faculty/Staff parking lot.

Q. What do I do in the event that the parking lot that I normally park in is full?

A. In this case the student would want to check the next available student lot. The University offers multiple parking lots for each type of permit. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to make certain they have parked in a lot that is designated for their permit type.
Parking for the first few weeks of school can get crowded due to students trying to adjust their class schedules. The Security Officers are aware of this and accommodations are made during the overcrowded weeks at the beginning of each semester. During these times, commuter students may park in resident student lots.
The Fine Arts North Commuter Lot and the Christ the King Church parking lot both become full by 8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. If you do not arrive prior to that time, please go to the Plains Road Commuter lot at the end of Flagg Road to prevent unnecessary traffic congestion in those lots.

Q.  Where am I required to park during the J Term semester?

A.  During the J Term period only, students will be allowed to park in the Briar Lane Visitor Lot to attend classes.

Q.  Is there a fee to park during the Winter J-Term?

A.   There is no parking permit required, nor is there a fee to park during the J Term.  However, students planning on attending the following Spring semester are required to order a parking permit and to park in the appropriate student lot for their permit.  Information about parking and parking permits can be found at the links in the left hand column of this website.

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