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July 31st – August 2nd, 2017

8:00 am – 5:00 pm


2016 Testimonials

  • The agenda of the course was promising, when I first saw it and signed up. I truly hoped to learn some valuable insight in this field to complement my knowledge. My expectation were blown out of the water! The quality of the material, the instructor’s energy level, and knowledge and the extremely professionally planned/logistics (talks, meals, networking)- just amazing! It really felt like this program has been in existence for 10-15 years…..not just 4 years. So impressive. Best of all, on a personal level, to be here has honestly re-invigorated and inspired me during a time when, progressively, I was beginning to feel “stuck”. This brought the itch back THANK YOU!!
  • Very well run and organized… Whoova app is a helpful addition to the meeting. The food was great and facilities were effective/accommodating. Most importantly, the speakers were engaging, collaborative and highly informative.
  • Wonderful course! Lots of information and background for a new comer like myself. Course instructors took the extra time to make it friendly, informative, and supportive environment for learning. The opportunities to networking were also great thru class infrastructure and shared meals. I have met many individuals where I would not have otherwise.
  • I think this course was really valuable and helps bridge the gab between understanding just the action of a transporter vs the impact in PK and prediction. It is helpful for me as a tool to understanding translational science.
  • Compared to last year, the three days schedule is much better since the presentation materials were delivered in schedule that allowed more discussion and more importantly giving the audience the time to digest the information provided.
  • Love the Handbook and love the content J.
  • You Guys Rock!!! Well Done!
  • It was nice to renew concepts I had heard almost but did not have a strong background in. I was able to connect the dots on a few things I am working on.
  • Very nicely done.
  • Excellent course! Good spirit!
  • Great Course! You guys clearly put a lot of work into this. Amazing opportunities to learn the content will recommend. Ayman is the man!
  • This was a fantastic workshop, very well organized and presented, educational and intellectually stimulating. I loved the networking opportunities and being able to discuss topics with people from academia/industry backgrounds. Thank you for the shuttle service from hotel to campus and the never ending refershments and meals everyday. It has been exhausting 3 days but well worthwhile. I did not like it, I loved it “Ayman, 2016”.
  • Great workshop with wonderful people. Would diligently come back again when I have advanced further.
  • Course was excellent. Great mix of high quality lectures with good social interaction opportunities.
  • Great workshop I learned a great deal about the influence of PBPK on transporters and DDIs, which before I have limited knowledge.
  • Great diverse attendance and excellent opportunity to network. Instructors were engaging. Dinners were above and beyond expectations. Looking forward to attending next year. Content is thorough and conversations are enlightening.
  • The demo by Optivia was a great in-lab experience. It would be nice to see different technologies/products and possibly run an assay and generate data in the future (sponsor willing).
  • Overall, wonderful conference. I feel like I am going back into the industry with much more knowledge and answers to questions regarding transporters. All of the speakers were great, food, entertainments and accommodation helped make this conference more powerful. Your hard work paid off!
  • The workshop continues to improve year after year.
  • This is a well organized workshop with a good mix of topics. I like that this is very interactive and give enough time for people to network.
  • The course exceeded my expectation especially the ECCS classification is very informative.
  • Excellent course that provided a strong prospective of transitions as industry sees them. I also liked the FDA lectures as well. It is great to see a high level transporter course. Thanks for keeping the speakers on time.
  • Nice course! Good job! Well organized! Nice atmosphere.
  • Excellent course. Presenters were great. Everyone (presenters and others attending) are superfamily. I learned a lot about transporters. Topics were well rounded addressed a lot of different topics that are relevant to transporters.
  • Hands on demo was good. Would be more interesting to add hepatocyte isolation and B Clear system.
  • Everything was amazing! I will strongly recommend the course to other people to attend!
  • Great venue and presenters. It is a focused workshop that offers novies insight from academia, government and industry! The scientist can benefit from more recent applications/breakthroughs as well as providing their unique perspectives to transporter science. Thank you!
  • A very special conference. I will continue to recommend to prospective students. We plan to provide continued support.
  • This was a great workshop. Appreciated that many topics were covered and they were a variety of attendees.
  • The organization was excellent and first class. Keep it up!
  • As a business development personnel I don’t typically get so granular to the graphs, formulas, etc. What I have found it helpful is the ECCS model. I do foresee this becoming part of guidance and see great value in my ability to speak fluently about it.
  • Great way to gain a strong understanding of the role of transporters in drug disposition and development. Excellent way to network. Hand-on learning tool were good.
  • Wonderful speakers, expert participants, sufficient time for questions and highly organized.
  • Coming in knowing relatively little (other than a few weeks in integrated pharma sciences) I was able to pick up and apply the concepts pretty fast. The structure worked well to aquaint with the basics and then apply them. I was also able to identify areas I am interested in strengthening my education.
  • A really very well organized and enjoyable workshop! The speakers did a great job of engaging with all participants and hands on case study exercises reinforced key teaching points in addition to facilitating networking by acting as icebreakers. It was also great to have ping provide an overview of current FDA positions. Whova app was fun.

2015 Testimonials

  • Nice job! I really like the enthusiasm of the presenters. The information covered a wide range of relevant topics, and particularly some potentially very practical and useful classification system.
  • This was great! I learned a lot.
  • I would highly recommend this course to fellow colleagues. It was extremely thorough.
  • Great presentations and great location.
  • I found this workshop to be extremely informative and invaluable learning experience. It was great to be able to meet so many experts in both industry & academia.
  • Over all good presentation and interaction with attendees. Coming in with little knowledge, I have learned a lot will need some time to digest all information presented.
  • Great short conference. Very nice size and interaction space. Very nice work to all presenter. Thank you.
  • Excellent course! The content was a perfect mix of background information, scientific knowledge, case studies, and instructor-participant interactions.
  • The course was excellent, the speakers were excellent. The materials were great.
  • I learnt a lot from all speakers. Thank you for your time!
  • A good course- A lot of material so it was a bit rushed but the support material was good
  • Great course and instructors!
  • This is an excellent workshop. I have learned a lot. Thanks for the tremendous effort and scientific excellence!
  • 3rd Annual Conference survey results:
    • 70% of the registrants strongly agree that The course delivered focused high level understanding/predicting drug disposition.
    • 70% of the registrants strongly agree that the course met my expectations based on the material advertised.
    • 77% of the registrants strongly agree that the course instructors were helpful in information regarding drug transporters and contribution of transporters to addressing my questions and comments.

2014 Testimonials

  • “Excellent, love the interactions and forcing me to chew materials as it was presented. Enjoyed challenges and questions making this relevant to my world and work situations. Liked the total picture presented on Day 2 and relating it to DMPK concepts.”
  • “Excellent course, very helpful for my work like to attend again.”
  • “The course covers interesting topics about drug transporters. It covers basic to high level transporters. I might not digested everything (information) but at least, I had an overall understanding about transporters assay and perspectives.”
  • “Very well organized settings. Great discussion and direct interactions, great hospitality. Examples were great because they are real compounds from drug discovery/development.”
  • “Great Class”
  • “Great Workshop”
  • “Excellent course and I feel much more comfortable in the area of transporters and DDI. I especially liked the industry focus and applicability of the concepts discussed.”
  • “Interactive workshop”
  • “The course is very useful. Lots of information and the instructors were funny and helpful! Nice works!
  • I am very glad to take this workshop. All the instructors were amazing and worked hard to explain every concept. I totally recommend this wonderful workshop. Thanks”
  • “Enjoyed hands on because it forced class to think about information we were learning real time. Instead of just being lectured at. I liked communication type lectures, this kept people engaged in workshop even with sitting for long period of times.”
  • “Very intensive training that covers a broad area in transporter.”
  • “Instructors are very nice and friendly. Thank you for the workshop.”
  • “A good mix between industry and academia”
  • “100% of the attendees in the 2013 workshop agreed that he/she would recommend the course to others who want to learn more about transporters”
  • “I enjoyed the class a lot. Instructors were excellent communicators. Slides were very clear, materials were presented in a logical sequence.  All instructors were patients with my question despite being at minimal and moderate level”

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