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Dr. Yan’s Research

Bingfan Yan D.V.M., Ph.D.

Located in Lab Module 360 on Level 3 of the Pharmacy building

The primary focus of my research is on the understanding of how genetic and environmental factors coordinately regulate the expression of genes involved in drug response and oncogenic switch. More specifically, the research activities are designed to answer such questions as: how does genetic or environmental factor contributes to differences in drug-response? How does transcriptional regulation switch from physiological (e.g., drug-metabolism) to pathological response (oncogenesis)? And how do drugs, hormones and herbs alter respective therapeutic activity when used together? Currently, there are four ongoing projects, and these projects are closely related through sharing functionality or regulatory mechanisms.


Bingfang Yan

URI Big Thinker: Professor Bingfang Yan

Bingfang Yan, professor of biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, has made his reputation identifying adverse reactions among prescription medications. His studies often examine drugs that hit the marketplace as much-needed therapeutic breakthroughs and their interactions with medications typically prescribed along with them.


Introducing Dr. Bingfan Yan the New Chair of the Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Bingfan Yan was appointed to serve a three year term as the Chair of the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS) Department commencing October 1, 2013. Dr. Yan is a long-time researcher at the College of Pharmacy, where he has focused on the understanding of how genetic and environmental factors coordinate regulation of the expression […]


Pharmacy researcher finds most popular weight-loss drug strongly alters other drug therapies

Pharmacy researcher finds most popular weight-loss drug strongly alters other drug therapies KINGSTON, R.I.— December 10, 2012 – A University of Rhode Island researcher has discovered that the weight-loss drug orlistat, known by the brand names Xenical and Alli, inhibits a key enzyme that may lead to “severe toxicity of internal organs such as the […]

Popular Weight Loss Drug May Cause Permanent Liver and Kidney Damage

Popular Weight Loss Drug May Cause Permanent Liver and Kidney Damage

A study released today sends out a strongly worded warning about risks of kidney, liver, and other organ damage from the most popular weight drugs on the market. According to a University of Rhode Island study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), orlistat, which goes by the prescription brand name Xenical and the […]


Big Thinkers- Bingfang Yan

Title: Professor Biomedical Sciences Expertise: Immunology, molecular genetics and drug metabolism Two health issues are ever-present in America. One is the seasonal flu and the other is being overweight. So when people see ads for medications that may fix these conditions, many will head to the doctor and then the nearest pharmacy. They figure “this […]


Pharmacy professor discovers drug interaction that inhibits Tamiflu

URI study indicates patients on anti-clotting drug who get flu won’t be helped by Tamiflu KINGSTON, R.I. – October 25, 2006 – International and federal health officials are counting on the anti-viral drug Tamiflu to be a critical weapon in the event of an influenza pandemic. But a recently completed study at the University of […]

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