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General Questions

Is URI’s DPT program accredited?
The program is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). In 2005, the program was accredited for the maximum length of time allowed – ten years. The next update will be reported in the spring of 2015 by CAPTE.

What is the best undergraduate degree to have?
You are not required to select a particular major in order to be eligible for admission to the PT program. The most common undergraduate majors among PT students include exercise science, biology, kinesiology, and psychology. In selecting a college major, consider how you will satisfactorily complete the prerequisite courses for your designated physical therapist program in addition to the college/university’s degree and major requirements.

How many students are accepted each year?
From a pool of approximately 450 applicants, the program accepts 30-32 students annually. The Program strives to accept a diverse class of qualified students.

What is the mean GPA and mean GRE scores for students entering the program?
GPAs are considered in two ways: GPA in the prerequisite courses and GPA in the last 60 credit hours. The average for both of these GPAs for classes entering the DPT Program is approximately a 3.7/4.0. The average percentile rank of the GRE Verbal and Quantitative scales for classes entering the DPT Program is approximately in the 55th percentile.

If I attended URI as an undergraduate student, does that improve my chances of being accepted in the DPT program at URI?
Attending URI as an undergraduate student does not provide any special privileges to an applicant. All applications are viewed objectively and on the merits of the overall preparation of the applicant.

If I am a Rhode Island resident, does that improve my chances of being accepted in the DPT program at URI?
While many applicants may reside in Rhode Island and thus reflect a greater number of Rhode Islanders in each DPT class, all applications are viewed objectively and on the merits of the overall content and preparation of an applicant.

What types of leadership opportunities are available in the URI DPT program?
There are a variety of opportunities including within the program and in the community. Near the beginning of the 1st year, one student from the class is voted as the class president. This individual acts as a liaison for administrative matters between the class and the faculty. In addition, each 2nd year student is paired with a 1st year student as they enter the program to form a mentorship. This partnership provides an opportunity of growth for all involved.
Students are encouraged and supported in their involvement in the APTA. As members, there are often opportunities to get involved in leadership within the organization. Furthermore, each year there is an opportunity for one or two students to take charge of two regular community programs: Parkinson’s Group and Balance Group. There are yet more leadership opportunities throughout your time in the program such as hosting a day for physical therapy assistants to come and learn about our program, leadership projects as developed by students, and Graduate Assistantships that allow for teaching opportunities.

What types of service opportunities are available in the URI DPT program?
An attitude of service is cultivated in URI’s DPT program with many opportunities to become involved. There are two community programs that occur in the PT clinic twice a week: Parkinson’s Group and Balance Group. These programs are long-standing and have solid participant groups. Other service opportunities include (but are not limited to) Special Olympics, interview days, leadership projects, Pre-PT Club, high school group visits, PT Day of Service, hippotherapy, and volunteering in the URI PT Clinic.

How can I confirm if one of my classes will be approved as a pre-requisite for admission to the URI DPT program?
Our URI DPT Admissions webpage outlines the required pre-requisite courses for application and acceptance. Additionally, the PTCAS webpage has a “Program Profile” that more specifically describes acceptable courses and their descriptions.  If you remain unsure, please email our program and include the course title, course number, course description, and course objectives.  We will review your inquiry and let you know.  Please provide and allow ample time for this review to take place.  Inquiries sent to us during your registration decision-making process may not be returned in time for you to make an informed decision.

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