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At 9:00 AM on Thursday January 7, the turnstiles at the Providence Campus will be fully operational. All people entering the building will need to use their identification cards to be admitted through the turnstiles. URI ID cards issued from either Providence or Kingston are valid. Individuals without identification cards will be required to check in with security to be allowed access to the building. The turnstiles are located at both the Washington Street and Westminster Street entrances. Cards will not be required to exit the building.

Employees of the Office of Higher Education and the Rhode Island Department of Education, as well as students, faculty, and staff of the University of Rhode Island may obtain identification cards from the Office of Student Services, located in room 125 at the Shepard Building. Other organizations housed in the building may also obtain their cards at this office. Students, faculty, and staff from the Community College of Rhode Island will need to obtain their cards from CCRI.

When you enter the building you will need to swipe your card in the reader with the magnetic stripe facing down and towards the right. If your card does not work please advise the security officer on duty at the turnstile. Many of the cards have been entered into the control system utilized by the Department of Public Safety. If you are unsure if your card information has been entered or your card does not work, please contact Lt. Michael Chalek, Public Safety Commander, at 401-277-5452 or by email (

The turnstiles are another tool in the university’s efforts to ensure that the campus environment remains as safe and secure as possible. While these devices, acting in concert with other measures already in place will improve security, it is still requested that all members of our community stay alert and attentive, and take individual steps to keep your property and yourself safe. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Lt. Chalek or any member of the Public Safety Department.

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