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Testimonials by Students attending the most recent industry training series of “Introduction to Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing”

“Great course…Appropriate focus on both lecture and Hands-on lab” – anonymous

“[Gained] significantly improved understanding of biopharmaceutical process” – S.L.

“Very enjoyable 3 days and evenings…provided a lot of information” – anonymous

“Program gave me a good overview about the industry” – anonymous

“Better appreciation for aseptic fluid handling and protein separation” – anonymous

“Emphasized the balance of science and art in lab procedures” – anonymous

“Great course for primer in Biotech…Every PharmBio associate should take this” – B.G.

“Enabled me to better understand how GORE products fit into the Bio process” – R.C.

“Gave me greater appreciation for the difficulties/problems encountered in the production of Biopharmaceuticals” – anonymous

“Complex subject matter – [Instructor’s] knowledge very impressive” – anonymous

“[Gained] greater clarity around filtration and chromatography concepts” – E.G.

“Provided a great industry perspective” – anonymous

“Very knowledgeable [Instructor] – excellent lab” – R.L.

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